Covid-19 is stand for crona virus disease. Co means crona, vi means virus and d also stand for disease. When it made a world issue then world health organization (WHO) called it covid-19 due to it comes in 2019.

Covid-19 is a disease which has damage our world population. It is a special and dangerous disease which has no vixen is prepared. That’s why it is dangerous disease. This disease has increased death life and down birth rate. It also increases world poverty.

Now a day, more than a millions of peoples are impress from it & more over thousands of peoples are death. Due to this reasons all over world peoples have worried about this issue. Due to this issue now a day’s all over world country apply lock down from it when it seems that he is affected from it. It is a major disease which don’t have any information how to this disease come and where from it come. But it is also tells where the first time this disease appears and become a danger.

China is the first country of world where this disease can appear at first time. At start, there is no issue of this disease. After some times this disease has fall all over china cities. So, china worried about itself. Therefore, china is in danger. China wants to take help from other country but that’s time others some country has worried about this issue because some other countries have affected from it. Get Instagram Followers Uk to see Chinese peoples who affected from covid-19.

When many of country has been affecting, china lock down the country man. So, china prime minister has announced a meeting and held all over lock down the country city living families to stay at home. Because this virus can live 24 hour or more than this hours and affected thousands of peoples. In past, this virus has spread in this way. So there is a need arise to stop it through this way which is last way to lock down.

In return, this is the reason of spread this virus. These viruses not have any vaccine. So, if a people can affected from it, he can’t cure it on this time. As so time passed new updates on this virus has come. This virus is spread more when china has no lock down and every country man is allowed to go another country man because china did not know that this virus is spread due to meeting. This is the reasons of spreading virus all over the world’s countries. In return, this virus is spread all over the world.

Now a days, some one country are may be left which don’t have any affect from it. Otherwise, many countries are affected from it. About 218 countries are in ours world where about 200 countries are affected from it and thousands of peoples are having its affects. It means china is not only the countries that face this type of problem.

Italy takes this disease very late due to this reason he is in danger. After china it laid was the second country that has large affected on this virus. Italy doesn’t serious but when he see many of his country men are impressed from it. He seems that he is in danger. He locks down all over the country due to this reason.

But it has no benefit because it has a major issue of this country. It has also a benefit which is may be no more peoples are affected from it. After this, many people are affected from it but there are no much peoples are affect from it as past.

Italy tries to stop it but that’s time there is no vaccine has available in any country. It means that the danger has increased. This virus takes a deep affects on world. Now this virus affects on Pakistan and united stated of America and other countries up so on etc.

When Pakistan fell that there is a danger that may be this country would affected him, the Prime Minister Imran khan held a meeting and now he will decided to lock down all over the world. Now, Pakistan wants to ready to fight with this virus. At this time, a country man has found which is affected from this virus on 28 Feb. but Pakistan has no more found danger results as other countries such as china and it lay found him because Pakistan has lock down it before.

After lock down, prime minister has announced that collect all the ventilators’ as he will have collect. So, Pakistan has collect 5000 ventilator for fought with this disease. After this care many of patients will found and more than 3000 thousands are patients have affected from this virus. So, there is a need arise to prepare or discover this vaccine.

After this entire virus has spread all over the world. Now the America wants to stop this because he is most powerful state of us who have best technology all over the world.

Now, the issue has come in United States as others countries have affected from it. America tries to take free from it but he could not free from it. A new issued has arise in US.Us become the center place of this disease. Now, US are worried about this.

US wants to free from it but he could not free from it because it is a center place of this disease and more patients are found than of china Italy etc. now a day’s US has more than a half million patients who has affected from it. So, US have the major country who affected from it.

US has also don’t know how to solve this problem but he knew it how to important to solve it. First, there is an issue to stop increasing more patients. We also take the step whose the other country has been taken. He lock down all over the country and announced the order that “stay at home if you wants to save”.

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