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The Evolution of Automation in Food Technology

Continued advances in automation and robotics are making the global food manufacturing and processing industries safer, more efficient and able to deliver higher profits. Robots are in demand in the food industry as close attention is paid to eliminating contamination and packaging continues to take on many different shape and sizes. Food and beverage manufacturing and processing are filled with tedious tasks and many points that are susceptible to contamination.

Chocolate Ice Cream : Growing Trade Among Emerging Economies Opening New Opportunities

Chocolate Ice Cream Market Forecast to 2027 - Covid-19 Impact and Global Analysis - by Product Type (Cones, Cups, Tubs and Bricks, Others); Distribution Channel (Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Convenience stores, Ice cream Parlors, Online Stores, Others) and Geography

Spotlight : Smart Harvest is the Future of Agriculture

Smart harvest systems involve the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), satellite imagery, cloud machine learning, GPS, and advanced analytics. Harvesting uses various smart devices to increase output.Smart harvest technology is the increasing adoption of new technologies in farming for maximum production and profitability. Furthermore, technological advancements in farming along with increasing government support on new technology deployments are expected to have a positive influence on the smart harvest market

How Is Fish Farming Most Sustainable Source Of Income

Fish products are always popular with customers. For this reason, the fish farming business is a promising direction in the farming sector. Growing fish in artificial reservoirs as a business will generate good income for beginning farmers, and fish farms are definitely a very profitable business.

What Will Vertical Farming Be Like In The Next 50 Years?

Population figure will rises to 9.8 billion by 2050 with Population food demand is increases but 19.5 million hectares of agriculture land is converted annually into urban centers and industrial developments. Therefore with less land, enhancing productivity of food and agricultural is Must, it is only possible through vertical farming.

All About Adaptogens: Stress-Busting Herbs That Will Change Your Life

Stress, either physiological, biological, or psychological is an organism's response to a stressor such as an environmental condition.Stress is the body's method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge or physical and psychological barrier. Adaptogens build resistance to mental and physical stress and improves mental and physical stamina. Adaptogens act as a buffer between stresses and body’s coping mechanism of the adrenal glands. Due to these remarkable abilities, adaptogens develop energy, vitality, health, as well as the intellect of well-being. Abundance of adaptogen ingredients over CBD are creating value-grab opportunities for startups and corporates in the adaptogens Industry.

The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Hemp Seed Protein.

Hemp seed has outstandingly significant levels of the amino corrosive arginine. Hempseed regularly contains over 30% oil and about 25% protein, with extensive measures of dietary fiber, nutrients and minerals. Hempseed has been utilized to treat different problems for a great many years in customary oriental medication. Hemp protein powder is one of the more popular varieties, made by grinding pressed hemp seeds into a fine powder.

How Adaptogens Can Increase Your Profit

Broadly defined, Adaptogens are the mixture of plant and herbs ingredients that are claimed to help the human body to stabilize their physiological processes, better management of stress and promotion of homeostasis. Adaptogens protect the body from physical and mental stress, and upkeep the tolerance for mental as well as physical exhaustion. Adaptogens improve mental focus by regulating the action of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, and hypothalamus.

Can Your Genes Really Tell You What To Eat?

The idea that one diet suits all is not the case, as each individual and body type is different and every individual is unique. Research has investigated DNA and how a diet can be created from each gene in our bodies to get a diet personalized and suited to you.A DNA diet tries to overcome the struggles people face when it comes to dieting as it provides a diet based solely on an individual’s DNA. DNA sequencing has allowed examination of various genetic traits that are associated with multiple states of health and disease.

Food Manufacturers Fuel Growth Using Automation

“High Efficiency and Time & Labour -Saving Benefits”