Spotlight : Smart Harvest is the Future of Agriculture

Smart harvest systems involve the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), satellite imagery, cloud machine learning, GPS, and advanced analytics. Harvesting uses various smart devices to increase output.Smart harvest technology is the increasing adoption of new technologies in farming for maximum production and profitability. Furthermore, technological advancements in farming along with increasing government support on new technology deployments are expected to have a positive influence on the smart harvest market

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for instance, Panasonic Corporation (Japan) introduced a fully autonomous tomato-picking robot in Tokyo. In addition, rising demand for food and vegetables due to the rise in population along with the increasing pressure on farmers to increase yield capacity are anticipated to drive the target market over the next ten years

Top Key Players:- Abundant Robotics, Inc., AGROBOT, Avl Motion B.V., Deere & Company, Dogtooth Technologies, Energid Technologies Corporation., Harvest Automation, Inc, Panasonic Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Smart Harvest Ltd