Can Your Genes Really Tell You What To Eat?

The idea that one diet suits all is not the case, as each individual and body type is different and every individual is unique. Research has investigated DNA and how a diet can be created from each gene in our bodies to get a diet personalized and suited to you.A DNA diet tries to overcome the struggles people face when it comes to dieting as it provides a diet based solely on an individual’s DNA. DNA sequencing has allowed examination of various genetic traits that are associated with multiple states of health and disease.

Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between nutrition and the human genome. Some researchers and diet developers believed that examining one’s DNA can help determine which diet would be most appropriate for an individual’s health.

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How does the DNA diet work?

DNA diets are created by companies based on their interpretation of how up to 100 aspects of one’s DNA sequence influences their health and susceptibility to disease. Rather than recommend a diet for a population, DNA diets claim to make recommendations based on what would be optimal given what is known about a client’s DNA composition. Some of the DNA diet companies will also provide meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists.

DNA diet can help with personalized health and nutrition intake by assessing individuals and make specific nutritional requirements.The focus is in the prevention and the correction of specific genetic disorders. Examples of genetic related disorders that improve with nutritional correction are obesity, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus also Genetic disorders that can often be prevented by proper nutritional intake of parents include Spina Bifida, Alcoholism and Phenylketouria.

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