How Is Fish Farming Most Sustainable Source Of Income

Fish products are always popular with customers. For this reason, the fish farming business is a promising direction in the farming sector. Growing fish in artificial reservoirs as a business will generate good income for beginning farmers, and fish farms are definitely a very profitable business.

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Fish farms, or ‘aquaculture’, have become a billion-dollar industry, and over 30 percent of all sea animals consumed each year are now farmed on these ‘farms’. Fish is big business. That works out to exports of 73.8 million tonnes worth US$148 billion. Seafood is a major source of protein in many parts of the globe and nutritionists claim that diets with higher percentages of fish are healthier.

Experts say that with the growth of the human population, the demand for fish increases. For example, the EU, which produces 1.2 million tonnes of seafood, has to import an additional 65 percent to meet demand.

Types of aquaculture:

Fish farming – is a primary form of aquaculture

Mariculture – this branch cultivates marine organisms in the open ocean, enclosed portion of the ocean, or in tanks or ponds filled with seawater

Algaculture – a type of aquaculture that cultivates algae

The List of Companies in Fish farming Industry

1. Alpha Group
2. Cermaq
3. Cooke Aquaculture
4. Leroy
5. Mowi ASA
6. Bakkafrost
7. Tassal Group
8. Thai Union Group PCL
9. Danish Salmon A/S
10. Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Inc.