The Evolution of Automation in Food Technology

Continued advances in automation and robotics are making the global food manufacturing and processing industries safer, more efficient and able to deliver higher profits. Robots are in demand in the food industry as close attention is paid to eliminating contamination and packaging continues to take on many different shape and sizes. Food and beverage manufacturing and processing are filled with tedious tasks and many points that are susceptible to contamination.

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In food service particularly, more businesses will employ robots to improve product consistency and overall efficiency. This will enable more businesses to apply resources in high quality and sustainable ingredients. This just means consumers will get better tasting and healthier food.

The leading food sorting machines manufacturer believes that these improvements are not only necessary to boost yield, but also inevitable as automation and robotics continue to evolve. The international business consultancy’s recent global survey of 2,751 executives in 36 economies shows that manufacturing businesses across the world will be replacing more than five per cent of their workforce with robots in the near future.

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