What Will Vertical Farming Be Like In The Next 50 Years?

Population figure will rises to 9.8 billion by 2050 with Population food demand is increases but 19.5 million hectares of agriculture land is converted annually into urban centers and industrial developments. Therefore with less land, enhancing productivity of food and agricultural is Must, it is only possible through vertical farming.

Vertical farming refers to a type of indoor agriculture wherein the plants are grown in vertical layers. Vertical farms attempt to growing crops in challenging environments, like where arable land is rare or unavailable. Vertical farming production is much more efficient than land-based farming. Vertical farming can be either aeroponic, or hydroponic. Vertical farming includes hydroponics which uses about 80 percent lesser water than normal agriculture.

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Crops grown in traditional outdoor farming depend on supportive weather whether Vertical Farming sovled this problems.Vertical farming is the USDA's predicted answer to the potential food shortage as population increases.Vertical farming also allows for the production of a larger variety of harvestable crops.Vertical farming allows for, in some cases, over ten times the crop yield per acre than traditional methods

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