November 18, 2020

Clear Aligners Market 2027– Automotive Applications to Emerge As a Major Growth Avenue

Global Clear Aligners Market: Key Highlights

  • The global clear aligners market is segmented by type, age, and distribution channel
  • Based on age the market is segmented by teenager, and adult. Teenager segment accounted for the major market share and expected to grow at the fastest growth rate
  • On the bases of region, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa
  • North America accounted for lion share aimed to presence of major manufacturers, increasing adoption of technological advancement, and among others
  • Top players that account for the major share include Align Technology, Inc, 3M, Ormco Corporation and Institut Straumann AG and among others

Global Clear Aligners Market: Key Market Dynamics

  • Clear aligners are majorly being used for the treatment of malocclusions. Increasing prevalence of malocclusions is fueling the growth of the market
  • Increasing use of 3D printing for the production of clear aligners is influencing new players to enter the market and simultaneously boosting the production of existing players
  • Further, rising urge for customized aligners is affecting the growth of the market positively
  • However, limitations of clear aligners are hindering the growth of the market

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Global Clear Aligners Market: Regional Overview

  • North America:
    • North America region is further divided in to US, Canada. Globally, North America accounted for the major market share.
    • US is one of the major producer of clear aligners and accounts for larger share globally.
    • Increasing technological advancement has played a major role in developing the large market share. For example, on February 2020 3D predict a US based company launched clear aligners designed on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. According to the company this technology will lower the number of corrections by 50% and reduction of 30% in chair time in clinics
    • According to a survey conducted by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III), in the US approximately 20% of the population have malocclusion annually
    • Rising health expenditure per person and awareness among the orthodontist & patients is further influencing the growth of the market
  • Asia Pacific
    • Asia Pacific region is segmented into five major countries including China, Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea
    • Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at the fastest growth rate owing to rising prevalence of dental disease, increasing urge for clear aligners in developing countries, growing funding by key players, raise awareness of clear aligners in the region and others
    • Align technology conducted consumer campaign increase the awareness of its product in India
    • On April 2020, byte an US based company announces its expansion in Australia
    • On March 2020, 3M conduct a workshop for increasing awareness among the specialists and expand the reach among the end users

Global Clear Aligners Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the market include 3M, Align Technology, Inc, CA DIGITAL GmbH, Clarus Company, Clearbite Aligners, Ormco Corporation (Envista Holdings Corporation), Dentsply Sirona, FORESTADENT - Bernhard Foerster GmbH, Institut Straumann AG, Ormco Corporation (Envista Holdings Corporation), V Clear Aligners and among others.

Global Clear Aligners Market: Key Developments

  • On February 2020 3D Predict received FDA clearance for manufacturing of AI-based innovative aligners
  • On October 2019 Align Technology, the leader in clear aligners market launched new invisalign product offering for patients with moderate teeth straightening options
  • On March 2018, Dentsply Sirona announced the acquisition of technology solutions provider orametrix. This acquisition will help Sirona provide a flexibility for the development of clear aligners
  • On Aug 2017, Straumann Group a Switzerland based acquired ClearCorrect LLC one of the leaders in clear aligners market

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