Frag Pro Shooter: the best Fortnite clone

Shooter-type games are very popular thanks to Fornite or PUBG cone phenomena. His arrival to smartphones has been a revolution and now anyone can play these games from the get free fortnite skins sofa at home or from the subway. Due to this popularity, alternatives with different approaches begin to appear that seek to become the next phenomenon, the most recent is Frag Pro Shooter.

It is a newcomer application that has only been available globally for a few days in the iOS and Android application stores. This game has an aesthetic very similar to Fornite, although the way of playing differs a little . Will you be able to shade it? We analyze it.

Frag Pro Shooter wants to face Fornite Despite being a third-person shooter and having similar graphics, the way you play is different from Fornite or PUBG. In Frag Pro Shooter we will compete against another player and have a team consisting of 5 characters . If they kill us we can return to the game in the skin of another of the characters that we have available in our team.

The objective of the game is not to eliminate the rival, we have to access and destroy some targets that are placed on the field of play. Each target has a certain number of points, the game ends if you destroy all the targets or end up with more points than the rival . The playing field is quite small so the action is continuous, and even if you only control one character, the rest will also be supporting you automatically controlled.

We have more than 40 different characters, each one has unique characteristics so you must use a balanced team . We can improve the characters as we win duels and get boxes. The application is free, although as always we will have the option to move faster if we make a micropayment.

It is an entertaining game in which the games last three minutes, so you can take time to play at any time . It has a great advantage: it is designed exclusively for mobile devices. It also introduces a new way of playing that will surely please those who are frustrated with Fornite since even if you die you can return to the game in a few seconds.