Work between holidays? Tips from Foxly how to work effectively even if you have a holiday mood

🔹 Organize the workspace
For example, sort out corporate email, organize boards in your Trello, Asana, Notion, Hubstaff, or where your team works.

🔹 Start with small tasks
It will be easier to complete small tasks first than global ones. If you first deal with the routine, you can easily get involved in the work, and move on to work on something more serious.

🔹 Set the rules of conversations
After the holidays, everyone wants to talk about how and where they celebrated the New Year. Of course, this prevents you from concentrating. Agree with colleagues about a separate amount of time for discussing the holiday stories - for example, when you have completed everything planned for the day 😊

🔹 Set goals!
What do you need to do between the holidays? Make a clear list of goals and establish a time to achieve them. Don't take on more than you need.

🔹 Finish up your work on time
We all tend to work longer sometimes. But between the holidays, set a clear rule for yourself - your working day ends at the appointed hour and you don't return to work until the next working day 😊

We hope these simple rules will help you work efficiently between the holidays and keep you in a holiday spirit.