How Should Students Move Forward with Different kinds of Assignments?

In an assignment, students need to convey idea to the readers. An assignment that is, assigned to students can be a presentation, research proposal, dissertation, assignment help, essay, article and so on. Students need to adopt a different approach for completing different types of assignments. If students realize how to create a structure for different types of assignments, then assignment writing will not remain a difficult task for them anymore. Let us see how students should move forward with different types of assignments.


If the students have to submit an assignment that is, a presentation; then, they must know a few things. Here are the things that students should know:


·        Students should make key points for the presentation.

·        Students should not cover details in the presentation, as they will be providing the details while presenting the topic to the readers.

·        Students should remain calm throughout the presentation if they do not want to get lost while presenting the topic.


If you assignment is a research proposal, then you will definitely need to cover three sections in your proposal namely, introduction, literature review, and your research methodology. Introduction of a research proposal usually needs to cover problem statement, background information, and purpose of research. In literature review, you will review text of other authors. You describe your research methodology in the end of your research proposal with conclusion. 


An essay structure requires you to follow the format for writing introduction, the main body, and conclusion. In the introduction of an essay, you need to grab the attentions of your target audience with an attention grabber. In the main body of an essay, you should endeavor to keep the readers engaged who you attracted in the introduction. In the conclusion of an essay, you need to summarize your findings by making readers agree with your viewpoint.


Now let us see how you should tackle an assignment writing task. You need to keep following 5 points in your minds while you write an article:


·        Title of your article needs to be interesting, and you should target your keyword in the title.

·        Less is more. You should write short paragraphs next to short headings in your articles.

·        You should write the summary of an article by targeting keywords in it.

·        You should commence your article with an attention grabber, such as a direct quote or question.

·        Lastly, you will need to proofread your articles after you have finished writing.


These are different ways how students need to approach their different assignments. To sum up, you need to follow certain structure to write an assignment successfully.


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August 8, 2018
by @francesca
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