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How to cure herpes? This one is the most common question that has been asked by the herpes sufferer. Therefore, whether you have been diagnosed with the herpes virus or not, learning about the herpes cure is very important so that we can cure virus naturally.
Herpes is the most common sexually transmitted viral disease caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), which usually resides in the nerve ganglia after initial exposure to the herpes virus. HSV is a mild infection and it is transmitted among people very quickly. This virus can be found both in male and female. Herpes is a viral disease that generally affects the mouth and this hsv simplex virus type

1 cause's cold sore on the lips and the face and the genital areas are affected by the hsv simplex virus type

2. Symptoms of this infection are clusters of small, painful blisters and sores on the lips or on the genitals. Living with hsv virus makes one living the life full of fatigue, stress and anxiety.

How to cure herpes?

There are many different types of herpes cures available including oral & topical anti-viral creams, medicinal herbs and oils and the oxygen therapy. The treatment of Herpes virus infection varies depending on the type of infection like oral or on the lips, genital or on other body surfaces. Before choosing treatment to cure hsv virus, a physician has to consider some points that will vary depending on the type and stage of the herpes virus. Anti-viral therapies proved to be the most effective hsv virus treatments for many of the patients and could be used for other patient's as well. These virus treatments and other effective therapies have proven to be beneficial in limiting the virus while using the medications, but do not prevent recurrence if the treatment is no longer carried on. Curing this infection comes with a motive that is to get relief from the discomfort of herpes sores and to reduce the time it takes for an outbreak to heal.

Is there a natural cure for herpes available?

Yes, there are many natural cure are available for this infection like some of herbs and vitamins as, L-lysine, lavender, red marine algae, olive leaf extract, myrrh, sage and these cure methods has cured many people's virus and are considered as effective herpes treatments which helps in reducing recurrence. Home treatment for hsv like erase herpes program focuses on relieving symptoms, lowering the risk of recurrent virus and helping you deal with any severe condition. A natural cure from a natural healing book has no dangerous side effects but you should also consult with your physician regarding the usage of herbal, medications and alternative therapies.

Herpes is a virus which couldn't be cured properly and it remains in the body for rest of your life. And one of the major goals when living with herpes is to lead a healthy sexual life yet not spread the virus to someone else.