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You want your car to last as long as possible. You prefer not to be faced with surprises along the way. It is therefore important that you maintain your car properly, but how do you best approach that?

Buying a car in the Netherlands as an expat

Are you an expat and looking for a car in the Netherlands? Buying a car from abroad is sometimes a great challenge. If you are temporarily staying abroad and come back again, it is nice if your car is almost at the door. A utopia? Well, no. You can arrange it via

Car breakdown: five common road breakdown situations

Wherever you are driving, you usually get into the car without thinking about it. Logically, nine out of ten times it just goes well. Or actually a lot more often than that. Fortunately, because nobody is waiting for a breakdown on the road. Car breakdown is more common than you think. Sometimes even before departure. If the car is stationary for longer, the chance increases somewhat.
We will tell you which five breakdown situations occur most often, what you can do in the event of a breakdown on the road and what you can take into account if your car will stand still a bit longer during these times.

Damage to your car without an offender? What now?

If you are just as much a car enthusiast, you are sick of damage to your car. And certainly when it comes to damage to your car without a perpetrator. Not a note, no idea what happened. Do you have no idea what to do now? Fortunately, we have an answer to that.