Car breakdown: five common road breakdown situations

Wherever you are driving, you usually get into the car without thinking about it. Logically, nine out of ten times it just goes well. Or actually a lot more often than that. Fortunately, because nobody is waiting for a breakdown on the road. Car breakdown is more common than you think. Sometimes even before departure. If the car is stationary for longer, the chance increases somewhat.
We will tell you which five breakdown situations occur most often, what you can do in the event of a breakdown on the road and what you can take into account if your car will stand still a bit longer during these times.

1. Empty battery

An empty battery; proof that things can go wrong before you've even driven a meter. Stupid, but it has happened to the best. Usually caused by lighting or a car radio that has not been switched off. In fact, breakdown due to a dead battery is the most common problem with the car. The chance of an empty battery increases if the car is stationary for a long time. This is because the battery slowly discharges when stationary by power consumers in the car, such as the central door lock. Normally the battery charges while driving. If the car is stationary for weeks or months, this can cause starting problems. Are you one of the unlucky ones this bad luck hits? Then use jumper cables - and a helpful fellow road user with a car - to start the car again.

2. Car does not start

An empty battery is the number one starting problem, but not the only cause of a non-starting car. The car engine cannot start for several reasons. Such as a problem with the drive, oil, water, air, power supply to the starter motor and / or the fuel supply. Or a lack of fuel. Check if the fuel has not run out, it could happen to the best. If there is actually something wrong with the engine, it is wise to call in roadside assistance or use an automotive shop management system

3. Blowout

A blowout. Scared and dangerous. Prevention is always better than cure. One of the main causes of a blowout is under pressure in the tire. So make sure that the tires are always at the correct pressure when you start driving. Has the car been stationary for a long time? Check the tire pressure before you start driving again. This can often be done at a gas station. Also be aware that tires can deform if the car is stationary for a long time - months. The reason? Gravity. The tire is continuously squashed in the same place by the weight of the car when it does not move. And that's not good for the tires to say the least.

What should you do if you have a blowout? First make sure that you get to the side of the road safely; keep both hands on the steering wheel, release the throttle and press the clutch when driving a shift. If you are safe on the side of the road, do not forget to put the warning triangle as a warning that you are there. You can replace the broken tire yourself with a spare wheel if you have it in the car. If you do not have a spare wheel, you can temporarily fill the flat tire with foam or call the roadside assistance for assistance.

4. Daytime running lights do not work

Other road users often realize it before you do; your front, rear or brake light (s) do or do not work. Driving without lights is not only dangerous in some situations, but can also get you a fine. Within the built-up area this is € 90, outside it € 140. And do you see someone driving without a light and do you want to signal to warn the other driver about this? Think twice: for this too you can get a fine of € 90.

Check once in a while before you start driving with someone whether your (brake) lights are working. Often you can replace lamps from older cars (on the basis of an instruction booklet) yourself. With modern cars this is often more difficult and it is more sensible to have this done at a garage.

5. Locked out car

The car is locked and you are nervously looking for your car keys . Unfortunately, they still appear to be in contact. 'How clumsy I am…'. Always make sure you have a few spare keys nearby. Otherwise, the only way out is to have the door broken open or a window pane.

Car breakdown: help

You are at your wits end and the problem cannot be solved. Annoying, but luckily there is still a way out: roadside assistance . If you are insured for this, the car will often be repaired on the spot. Is this not possible? Then the roadside assistance service will arrange for your car to be taken to a garage. With some breakdown cover, the costs of replacement transport are also fully reimbursed.

Green card

Are you going abroad by car - as soon as the weather is allowed? Then make sure you take the green card with you on a driving holiday . You have received this document or pass from your car insurer . It is an international insurance certificate that comes in very handy if you have a breakdown. All important information about your car and car insurance is listed on it.

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Car trouble abroad

Are you abroad and do you need help with a car breakdown? Then call 9113202061. The roadside assistance will then take your car to a nearby garage. That's free if you're a member of a roadside assistance service or have car or travel insurance that covers it. So check that well in advance.

Check your car

Nobody wants to break down the car. Has your car stood still a lot lately and are you going to drive again? Or are you planning a long drive? Check the car on a number of points before departure, so that you reduce the risk of car trouble. Check if:

  • all fluids are topped up and whether you have any spare fluids;
  • your lights and wipers are working;
  • the car tires are at the correct pressure, because a tire pressure that is too high or too low can lead to dangerous situations on the road;
  • you have a spare wheel in the car, and whether it is in good condition;
  • you have a repair kit and spare bulbs in the car;
  • you have jumper cables in the car;
  • you are insured for breakdown assistance and how to act in the event of a breakdown;
  • you have a spare key with you.

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