She is an Indian Crime based Television Web Series created and written by Imtiaz Ali and Divya Johry. It follows the story of a female constable who goes on an undercover mission to expose the underworld gang. It can be watched on Netflix. The female constable has been inducted in Anti Narcotics Group to fight against the major lord of drugs. As part of the mission, the female constable character gets dressed to roam in the by-lanes of Mumbai City.

Table of Contents


The web series describes the idea of a woman’s body being used or can work well in controlling her surroundings. A story has a girl named Bhumi who comes from a Marathi family and has shouldered the responsibility of her home by looking after her mother and sister. She also has to prove herself as a responsible cop in this male-dominated set-up of society. In the web series, she has been selected for an undercover mission to expose an international drug cartel that is trying to exploit Mumbai City. Through this mission, she finds a new purpose in life. It is basically a story of women empowerment, sexual liberation, and coming off the age-saga of women who are battered by the taunts of society, but not broken. The girl faces the problem of her domestic issues and is the only earning family member in a low-income family. For the mission, the girl disguises herself as a sex worker and for catching the drug lord named Sasya.


The series provides the lustful scenario of the drug dealer towards the Bhumi. It includes an absurdly confusing narrative with no sense of timing and tone messed up. The executing of the narrative with cheesy cop planning sessions, training montage, etc. The series considered to be provided with the wrong idea of women empowerment which leads to its decline. The main character is shown as an ordinary girl who wants a better life. Aditi Pohankar’s performance as Bhumi is brave enough but even because she is being directed to act according to the script of the series not according to her character. In a male-dominated society, women are trying to establish their identity by indulging in an undercover mission to expose a drug lord named Sasya. The officer in the series selects her and indulges in undercover operation which enables her to discover her power of inducing the men and first of all the drug lord Sasya.

All this is depicted in this web series which eventually describes the inducing and appealing personality of a woman which helps to induce men.


  1. Aditi Pohankar as Bhumika Pardeshi
  2. Vijay Varma as Sasya
  3. Vishwas Kini as Jason Fernandez
  4. Paritosh Sand as Sirish Mathur
  5. Shivani Rangole as Rupa
  6. Suhita Thatte as Bhumi’s Mother
  7. Ajay Jadhav as Mathre
  8. Sandeep Dhabale as Lokhande
  9. Saqib Ayub as Hemant
  10. Bhakti Patharey as Receptionist at Crime Branch
  11. Prakash Sudarshan as Atul

The web series includes seven parts in it. The SHE web series does not captivate the audience much and is mostly because of its leading characters. The plot of the story is shabby and confusing, not much interesting to get attracted to. The ratings of the series according to IMBD is 6.5 and it was released on 20th March 2020. A crime-based web series describing the drug dealings in Bombay city. It describes that a women’s body can be worked for controlling the development around her. The communications with beggars, homeless and undercover officers are shown. This series presents the negative side of women’s sexual behavior and the lead character’s transition is being assessed. The communication with her mother and sister creates more nuance in the series and discomfort is created among the audience in such interactions.

The web series is not able to grab the attention of the audience not much. Season 1 of the series does not impress much. The lead female character is not showcased as a usual girl with strong notions and new ideas but a simple, ordinary girl who wants to live a better life away from her domestic issues. However, the makers fail to translate this on the big screen.