Top 5 Reasons to do MBA after Engineering

According to the findings of national employability report, there is some horrible news for the engineers. The findings say that around 80% engineers are cursed with unemployment in India, which is the irony for a nation known for rapid technical advancement. There is no denying the fact that industry needs engineers, but they prefer the ones with combination of engineering and management degree. In such a scenario, the MBA qualified engineers have become the top pick among the recruiters. Hence, it is the biggest reason to do MBA after B.Tech to secure a future-proof career. Other reasons that inspire B.Tech graduates to pursue MBA are:

You standout as a champion

Entry in the top level management is only possible with a good MBA degree. A management grad usually starts its journey as a manager, not as an executive who listens to the manager. It shows that with an MBA degree, you skip the queue and hit the mid-level or top-level management at your workplace. A person good at management as well as technical knowledge is always an asset for a company.

Obviously, the fatter paychecks

There is a lot of difference in the paychecks of just an engineer and an engineer with a management degree. As per a study, the average salary for an engineer with MBA is about INR 6,87,000 per year or higher, whereas a B.Tech graduate earns around INR 5,00,000 on average per year. Going for an MBA after B.Tech is hence a win-win move for your career growth.

Numerous career opportunities

The variation of subjects taught in a PG degree like MBA is quite broad compared to a UG degree like B.Tech. A good MBA curriculum involves the study of Economics, Business Management, Finance, Statistics, HR, etc. And, you must have learned the principles of science and technology in your B. Tech. this sound knowledge of multiple subjects opens up numerous career opportunities for you.

Chance to expand professional network

An MBA graduate works in close coordination with the professionals and industry leaders. Being the part of the management, you are in constant communication with the experts from industry. It expands your knowledge as well as professional network which helps you immensely to grow in your career for lifetime. Also, you get acquainted with business managers and entrepreneurs.

Future-proof your career

Assurance of a future-proof career is also a reason to do MBA after engineering. After completing your management degree, you gain specialization in a niche area and secure a stable position in a reputed organization. An MBA lets you choose the specialization which interests you the most and it’s easy to gain expertise in a subject of your choice.  

According to a senior management faculty from the best private university in Jaipur, most of the MBA applicants are from the engineering background. The fad about MBA after B.Tech has been on a surge because the students have high aspirations for their career growth. And, this is the best way to grow faster in your career.