Genesis Mining Discount Codes

Instructions For Using A Genesis Mining Promo Code

Go the Genesis Mining Website and sign up/log in. Click “Buy Hashpower” and select which coins you would like to mine and how much hashing power you would like to purchase and then click “continue”. On the new page enter your discount code and click “Validate” check the “Agree On Terms” box and click “Confirm Order” and arrange payment.

Advantages Of Using Genesis Cloud Mining

No Waiting Times

With cloud mining services you can start mining within minutes instead of having to wait sometimes for months due to the long waiting lists for the hardware that you ordered to be delivered.

Low Cost Of Electricity

One of the most important factors when it comes to mining today is the cost of electricity. For most users particularly in the Western World it’s not feasible anymore to mine from home as electricity is too expensive. The amount of money you spend on electric would cost more than you would make from the coins mined. Cloud mining locations often are located near to very cheap sources of electricity.

No Downtime

Cloud mining services guarantee 100% uptime so that your hardware is working day and night to make you money.

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Infrastructure Included

Mining rigs are not easy to maintain they require cooling, maintenance and they are extremely loud, imagine a vacuum cleaner being on 24/7. Cloud mining infrastructure is also state of the art meaning they are much more efficient at mining your cryptocurrency of choice which leads to more profits for you. By choosing cloud mining you get all of that taken care of for you for a modest fee.


It’s quite simply super convenient you can get up and started within minutes and login to see your stats every day to see how much you made with the system being automated. Trying to do it yourself would take so much time researching which miner to buy and how to run it that it might not even be worth the hassle.

Here we propose to all cloud mining community discuss popular providers. Our visitors can open the world of cryptocurrencies and its mining as investment. Cloud mining is a service, that provides daily yields from mining of cryptocurrencies.

With the BTC price so low, and no sign of coming back up soon, we will suspend the lifetime miners, like most big site did a few months ago. They do not produce enough to cover the electricity fees anymore. We tried to keep them up as long as possible, but we can't anymore. Even if we still sell fixed terms contract, it is most likely you will not make money unless the price comes back up. The trading is back up for the lifetime, but we had to empty the order book. we are looking to lower the minimum btc amount for the withdraw function, in order to give you btc back faster. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for not being here as much lately.

April 2, 2019
by Ghulity su4521
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