May 19, 2020

How Colleges Today Are Supporting Students' Mental Health

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Depression, stress, anxiety, among other mental health issues, are rampant in college students. The pressure to excel, peer pressure, and finding self can affect you too. Those suffering from illnesses commit suicide or engage in criminal activities. As such, colleges know the depth of damage students' mental disorders cause.

Here are measures different schools are using to help students overcome mental health issues. 

Provision of Mental Health Management Resources

Most colleges have come up with tools and provided resources to help with anxiety and other mental health issues. There are counselors and therapists situated in schools to offer help to any student with a problem. There are peer-to-peer programs where students learn different skills together. 

You can reach out for help if you need any by visiting these counselors or attending the programs. The pressure to beat an assignment deadline may be high, making you not attend a session. You can reach for help from professional writers who can write your paper.

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Create Awareness

Few students realize the need to ask for help when they are suffering mentally. Some fear stigma. Some people perceive that they are going insane if they agree to go for counseling sessions. Colleges have come up with programs to sensitize students.

Some forums cater to students' well-being who have suffered in the past. They come to discuss how they overcame. Videos or plays of people suffering from mental illnesses and getting healed also get displayed.

You can learn a lot from these testimonies and dramatized programs, so take your time to attend them. 

Mental Programs 

Some higher learning institutions have come with initiatives and programs to help students speak up. In these forums, you get to learn the telltale signs of various mental illnesses. You also get a chance to ask questions concerning your emotional well-being. 

When you learn what a healthy mental state should be like, you will not hesitate to seek help. You also become aware of a friend or family member shows symptoms of any disease. 

Free Medical Checkups 

For a long time, free medical checkups were mostly for physical health. Some colleges have now resorted to introducing free mental tests for their students. Going for such free checkups benefits you as it could help diagnose an underlying problem. 


For a long time, the issue of mental health was taboo. It was associated with madness. Not the case, as many people are aware that the pressure of life can cause the illness. However, the battle is halfway won as government and colleges need to do more than they are doing.