November 26, 2020

Norilsk Nickel against pollution: Nornickel announced its readiness to continue the implementation of the Sulfur project

As part of the fight against environmental pollution, the Norilsk Nickel leadership announced its readiness to continue the implementation of the Sulfur project.

Nornickel has been working on the Sulphur project for a long time. The main aim of this draft is to eliminate SO2 emission in the Arctic region and decrease the level of air pollution in Norilsk.

The Sulphur project has several stages and the first one has already been completed. It resulted in:

  • shutdown of Nickel Plant
  • upgrade and expansion of Talnakh concentrator and Nadezhda plant
  • reduction of SO2 emission in Norilsk by 30% and in the Polar Division in general by 15%
  • elimination of 600 sources of air pollution
  • closing of two wastewater discharge points

It is estimated that the works devoted to the removal and engineering of the infrastructure will be held up to 2023. It is also planned that the pollution of soil will be evaluated and some buildings will be demolished.

The experts say that the Sulphur project will be finished in several years. Norilsk Nickel has already signed the contract with STEP. The management plans to implement a project at Nadezhda Plant and it will be devoted to sulphuric acid neutralization.

Norilsk Nickel officially announced that it eliminated all consequences of the accident that was caused by a massive fuel spill happened in Norilsk lately. The company took part in the clean-up works and covered all the expenses. The damage was estimated at RUB21.4BN and Nornickel provided full financial assistance in order to fight the pollution and eliminate the consequences of this ecological incident.

According to the confirmed results of scientific research the main cause of the accident was the melting permafrost. In order to prevent such incidents in the future, Nornickel asked ERM, the

international organization that specializes on ecological issues, to lead a transparent investigation so that the main cause of the tragedy could be found and eradicated.

Besides pollution issues caused by a massive fuel spill now, which was solved, Norilsk Nickel keeps working on other environmental projects.