April 16, 2020

Mining Dust Suppressants Market Product Description Survey 2017 – 2025

Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market: Introduction

Dust is classified as a fine, dry particulate matter made up of pollen, soil, minerals and many other particulates found in the local environment. The mining industry faces challenges like harsh climate, rising energy costs, water scarcity affecting the daily operations and overall productivity of the company. In addition, dust is created in every step of mining process such as in the extraction, storage & transportation, mine construction, processing etc., and so the companies need to monitor and control dust emissions at every stage. Dust suppression is a vital element to meet the environmental safety and health requirements which poses as a threat to the workforce present. In the mining industry, the dust produced during material processing operations is a major source of air borne fumes. Dust causes a host of problems for the mining operations like equipment failure, low-visibility issue, health problems etc. Dust also creates a potentially explosive environment. Thus, there are requirements for dust suppressants in the mining industry.

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Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market: Dynamics

As rise in demand for clean energy and concerns related to safety increase, the demand for dust suppressants is expected to grow rapidly. To avoid costly damages and possible fines, the mining industry is implementing and following safety regulations, which has made the use of dust suppressants a necessity worldwide. Awareness in the mining industry for dust control systems, smart manufacturing and increase in investments are the key factors driving the growth of mining dust suppressants in the market globally. The increase in production of metals such as copper and iron ore steered by new projects and expansions is creating growth opportunities for the companies in the mining industry thus driving the mining dust suppressants market.

The factors such as lower injury rates, flexibility, grade control and better recovery are the main influencers to drive the mining suppressants market. The national policies & regulations to focus on health & safety and increase in demand for wet suppressants is making it necessary to use dust control systems in the mining industry thereby, fueling the demand for dust suppressants in the global market.

High maintenance cost of dust control equipment and lack of funding are some of the factors which negatively impact the growth of mining dust suppressants. Slowdown of mining activities in Europe, compliance with the dust standards, availability of proper suppressing agents to absorb the dust, weak mandates, lack of strict policies, high cost of dust control equipment are few factors which might hamper the growth of mining dust suppressants market.

The growing economy of the mining industry and rise in demand for the dust collection products is fostering the growth of global mining dust suppressant market. In addition, constant innovation in the methods of dust collection is creating opportunities for the mining dust suppressants. The expansion of sales network and manufacturing facilities of key or leading players; with a substantial investment in research and development for the production of non-petroleum based wet suppressant is a trend anticipated to shape the global mining dust suppressants market within the forecast period.

Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market: Segmentation

The Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market can be segmented on the basis of product type and application.

On the basis of type, the market is segmented into:

  • Wet dust suppressants
  • Dry dust suppressants

On the basis of application, the market is segmented into:

  • Stockpiles
  • Mine haul roads
  • Longwall mining
  • Others

Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market: Region-wise Outlook

Asia- Pacific is anticipated to dominate the mining dust suppressants market owing to the presence of robust economies like China, India and Australia. The companies in India are outsourcing projects to mining service companies and making the sector more structured in the country. The drilling potential and untapped exploration in India is expected to provide industry opportunities for the growth. With the increase in investments, the opportunities for mineral exploration, infrastructure and resources is increasing in MEA. The revenue growth in Africa is boosted owing to the investor-focused and transparent laws developed by institutions including World Bank and International Finance Corporation. Latin America is also consider to provide growth opportunities due to booming market in countries such as Chile, Peru, etc.

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Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market: Key Players

Some of the key players identified in the Global Mining Dust Suppressants Market are

  • Quaker Chemical Corporation,
  • Wet Earth Mining,
  • Dust & Water Solutions,
  • Solenis,
  • The Dow Chemical Company,
  • Arclin Inc,
  • GE Corporation,
  • Dust-A-Side, Tecpro and,