The power of genomics in agriculture

Transform the Future of Agriculture

Agricultural genomics, or agrigenomics (the application of genomics in agriculture), has and will continue to drive sustainable productivity and offer solutions to the mounting challenges of feeding the global population. Using modern technology, farmers, breeders, and researchers can easily identify the genetic markers linked to desirable traits, informing cultivation and breeding decisions.

Anything that lives, from the simplest forms of life to more complex organisms, has a genome. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the molecule containing genetic information, often described as a blueprint for an organism. DNA encodes and regulates genes, which may be translated into proteins (by way of ribonucleic acid [RNA]). The biological information stored within the DNA genome ultimately orchestrates the development of an organism.

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NGS technologies have enabled the unprecedeted collection of genomic information on thousands of previously intractable organisms. Falling costs and improved tools have led to widespread adoption of NGS to interrogate plants, animals and their associated microbiota with higher precision and breadth than previously possible. Access to high-quality genomic information has led to the development of cost-efficient genotyping technologies and identification of the genetic basis of valuable agronomic traits. Reference genome sequences also allow application of gene editing technologies, which can rapidly introduce desirable traits into plants and animals. This wealth of genomic information is guiding advanced breeding strategies that incorporate the holobiont—the collection of species forming an ecosystem. The future of agrigenomics is the application of genomic (and metagenomic) engineering to enhance crops and livestock. These advanced breeding strategies are vital to meet mounting production and sustainability requirements for agriculture.

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