Digital Dose Inhalers Market Key Players: Technological Growth Map over Time to Understand the Industry Growth Rate 2027

Digital Maintenance Inhalers - Next Lucrative Destination for Manufacturers in Digital Dose Inhalers Market

The digital dose inhalers market been experiencing high growth with the increased prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, and the rise of advanced technologies integrated with inhalers. However, patient-device coordination remained the primary matter of concern, and created the need for acquiring accurate information and insights on various factors, including patient compliance, maintenance medication use, and overdose.

With the growing importance of digitized commodities, and in order to drive interactive engagement with individuals, companies in the digital dose inhalers market are introducing digital maintenance features in dose inhalers for patients suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other respiratory conditions.

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Digital dose inhalers with built-in electronic modules that detect, record, and store data upon actuations, including peak inspiratory flow rates, are gaining popularity among patients as well as healthcare organizations. The need for facilitating the efficient transmission of patient-specific data that can be synced with mobile applications, and providing increased connectivity between devices, is triggering the adoption of wireless or Bluetooth technologies in the digital dose inhalers market.

In addition, manufacturers in the digital dose inhalers market are seeking insights on how well consumers are abreast with mobile apps and digital dose inhalers, and take up coherent initiatives in order to simplify the user experience as well as provide key information to help keep their medical conditions at bay.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries — a leading Israeli multinational pharmaceutical company, recently announced the launch of its FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-approved digital maintenance asthma inhaler device AirDuo Digihaler. The company declared that its new device can help patients review and share data with their healthcare providers, as well as schedule dosing reminders with the help of the company’s mobile app. With the launch of AirDuo Digihaler, the company aims to offer a combination therapy digital inhaler to individuals, equipped with built-in sensors to extract data by providing real-time information about their medical condition, and connects to a companion mobile application to provide information on inhaler-use instructions to people suffering from asthma.

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Greener Inhalers Gain Demand; Dry Powder Inhalers Preferred over Metered Dose Inhalers

The benefits of inhaler therapy have long been recognized as the cornerstone in the treatment of patients across a spectrum of respiratory diseases, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. But the most important innovations have occurred over the past 60 years, beginning with the invention of the pressurized metered dose inhaler.

A digital dose inhaler may look like a straightforward device; however, the technology undergoes rigorous research & development (R&D); which changes the way inhalers are designed and makes a huge difference to the daily lives of asthma sufferers. The digital dose inhalers market reached a valuation of ~US$ 1.7 billion in 2018, and with the burgeoning demand and ongoing innovations in the way digital dose inhalers are designed, the digital dose inhalers market is likely to reach the ~US$ 2 billion mark in 2019.

As a result of transformations in the way digital dose inhalers are manufactured and adopted, significant innovations in the manufacturing of metered dose inhalers have been recorded in the market. In an attempt to emphasize on 'new patient decision aid', NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, U.K) has encouraged healthcare providers to boost the use of greener asthma inhalers amongst their patients. The use of metered dose inhalers results in the emission of greenhouse gases, ? a bitter irony for people with respiratory diseases, who are being encouraged to use an environmental-friendly alternative, unless in extremely necessary cases.

Metered dose inhalers account for more than half the revenue share of the digital dose inhalers market. However, since metered dose inhalers contribute twice the amount of carbon footprints as compared to dry powder inhalers, stakeholders feel the need to manufacture greener inhalers, accounting for a major stake of metered dose inhalers in the market, as well as the rapid adoption of dry powder inhalers in the coming years.

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