✅Hooplex Official Launch

We are pleased to announce that the official launch of the international project Hooplex. We have been long preparing for this event. Our team of developers, marketers, enthusiasts tried to make this project become a part of every person, help to develop himself/herself and simplify most of the tasks from transferring finances to earning money.

The project introduces an innovative multicurrency technology called Lexera that allows you to make the instant conversion and transfer of currencies with the help of the multicurrency core LexeraWay. Due to numerous tests, we are proud to say that our technology works and reveals its possibilities for everyone.

Our task is to create the world's largest community of financially independent people united by a common goal to make this world a better place. With the development of our community, we will refine and popularize the Lexera technology.

💼The project has an investment platform LEXERA DEPOSIT PROGRAM which will allow each person to increase assets via various investment plans in a short period of time. We have implemented a profitable affiliate program that opens up unlimited financial opportunities.

You will be able to enjoy all the aspects of working with the system via your personal account. We have combined maximum convenience and security for your data and assets. Our best specialists worked on security.

We are happy to introduce the world with the new Lexera technology and the Hooplex community. Feel free to become its part right now!