Dad came back

I'm 14 and on my typical, winter day I usually sat at a computer in different groups. Mum was at work, on that day she worked in the afternoon. She had to get home at 00:00 p.m. My dad is architect and he wasn't at home already two weeks, etc. He was on a business trip. Mum said me that after several days he will get home. So, time is 19:40. I entered one room with scary pictures, well, who at my age doesn't want to tickle his nerves? But I didn't have time to look at pictures, when suddenly the bell rang. It rang continuously and very loudly. I was afraid, but I collected my thoughts and than I looked at the doorbell. There was my dad. I unlocked the door and at that moment my dad pulled away and began to pack. When I asked him, what happened, he answered me with terrible phrase: "They are looking me and soon they will find me, I must run away, they will find me, they are almost here. At that moment he again pulled away and than I was shocked and locked the door. Several mines later my mum got home. I told her what happened with dad and I asked "Did you see him when you were getting home?" She said me "Daughter, we urgently need to get away from here. We will stay with our grandmother, pack your things as quickly as possible and go." I quickly packed up our things and we went to see our grandmother.

And everything would be fine, but it turned out that my father died last night, or rather at 19:40 pm. He was behind the crane, lost control and the crane fell. Due to his fault, more than 2 people died. Only after that I understood who was looking "my father" and why.

December 8, 2018
by Horror Stories
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