January 18, 2019

Custom injection mold making-perfection from the start

Engineering expertise in custom injection mold making is what makes the difference in creating plastic parts that meet your exacting requirements. New Century engineers are specialists in mold making for intricate and complex pieces that require high finishing.

Bringing complicated molds to reality

New Century engineers apply new vision and industry experience to every mold design. Then, from CAD designs, machinists tool flawless molds-regardless of their complexity, capable of producing millions of consistent, high quality parts for your specific application.

Protoypes save time and money, and ensure perfect results

A prototype is produced from each New Century mold and tested within its intended application. So you know before production begins that your plastic piece is precisely right for your needs - not down the line when adjustments cost precious time and money.

3-D samples from your own ideas

If your product concept requires custom injection mold making to help get it off the ground, bring us your 2-D ideas, and we'll turn them into 3-D reality with rapid prototyping. New Century engineers can produce one or two 3D samples from CAD drawings. Rapid prototyping is accomplished through laser sintered epoxy, stereo lithography (SLA) or 3D plotter. A small production run (20 max.) is also possible using rubber test molds. From aluminum test molds, we can produce a run of several thousand depending on the plastic used.

Getting your product to market faster

No matter what the project, New Century is sensitive to critical timelines, and makes every effort to design and construct a mold as efficiently as possible, enabling you to bring your product to market in timely fashion.

Check out samples of our work, including CLEANING SERIES, to see the many types of industries that count on New Century to provide custom plastic injection mold making services.