When you feel that life has become empty.

The P-U-S-T-O system, which Todd Henry cites in his book, will help you avoid this error.

The P-U-S-T-O system consists of five rules, each of which must be observed without fail, otherwise there will be no effect.

The letter "P" - "Principles of the code of honor", namely - their observance. Compose your code of honor and always act according to its principles.

The letter "U" - "Consider your mission", that is, always consider whether your new plan does not go against your purpose.

The letter "C" - "Who are you with?" Filter out those acquaintances that harm you and come only to those meetings that bring you any benefit. In doing so, always try to benefit other people when you meet them.

The letter "T" - "Those tasks that are more important." Put at the top of your to-do list only those tasks that are the most important today. To decide on this, a simple question will help - "What should I do today to sleep peacefully in the evening?"

The letter “O” - “About Me!”, Means that you need to take care of yourself as well, without always working for the sake of other people.

If all five points suit you, this means that your business and your actions are progress, not empty efficiency, and you are on the right track.

It is this approach, coupled with the realization that you are mortal and that every second of your life is the most valuable treasure that can exist in the world, will help you reach truly incredible heights and not get bogged down in a swamp of mediocrity.