October 22, 2018

News & Events compilation #1. October 22

Morning, our dear friends! Since today, we are going to create such morning compilations on a daily basis. It will be published in our Telegram channel and Twitter account. Here we will give you the latest news from the market, followed by our own vision and comments.

Today we would like to share with you the latest news regarding one of the most popular crypto asset so far - stable coins.

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Latest from the stable coins field:

  • Binance Team is arranging the new form of communications - Live Discussions. On the 22nd of October, they will hold debates regarding stable coins. Two market experts have been invited:
  1. Victor Lai - CEO of CrushCrypto - independent rating agency for ICO projects. Not so far they have launched their own Digital Assets Array on ICONOMI Platform.
  2. Matt Hu - CEO of TokenInsights - U.S-based rating agency focused on ICOs and crypto market researches.

Why do we consider it useful?

Stable coins are one of our focuses for now. 2 reputable experts were invited and it will be interesting to listen them and also we love the ability to discuss it together with them. Everyone who will join the event will have such opportunity.

Start: 23nd of October at 2AM (UTC-time) or 5AM (Moscow time). Debates will be held in the telegram chat, created by Binance Labs. Feel free to join and discuss stable coins with us! Link to the event's announcement

  • Recently, Huobi exchange has launched their own stable coin - HUSD. It has one intriguing detail compared to other existing stable coins: It has 2-side automatic conversion. The 1st, is when you're depositing any of the following coins - PAX; TUSD, GUSD, and USDC, your deposit will be immediately converted to the HUSD. The 2nd is when you're going to withdraw you will have an option to withdraw pure HUSD or again convert it back to the PAX; TUSD; GUSD and USDC. Under this link, you will find an interesting article where HUSD and motives behind it are discussed.

Why do we consider it useful?

As we mentioned before, stable coins are currently gaining momentum and its one of our priority in terms of analysis. Also, it will be interesting to see how 2 giants - Huobi and Bitfinex - will compete for the leading place on the stable coins field.

This week, our team will publish a special report about stable coins. It will be exclusively published in our Telegram Channel. Join our expert's community to gain an access to all analytical materials and latest ICO market data!