About Combo Quality. AntiPublic. Earning cash method. #3


How to define the quality of the combo list?

You have got your Combo list N. How to quickly assess its quality?

This method does not claim to be correct, it is rather harmful advice than a true assessment of quality.


Yes, because a public combo can be better than a private combo in a particular case, that is, in a public combo there may be more requests or hits you need, and in a private combo list will be less. For invalid bases, for example BTK or Shop, this indicator in fact plays a third-rate role. For valid, dumps, it is quite important. I just want to say that you shouldn't give up on the public base because it is public.

So, the bases are divided into public and private.

To assess this indicator, there is software - Antipubliс.

Antipubliс is not a name, is a category of software. There are many antipubs.

The most popular on the market at the moment, accepted by ru and eng people, is Antipubliс MYRZ.

Crack AP Myrz. I do not recommend using it. At least because it is not updated. The license http://myrz.org/main/ can be buy on the website and costs about $ 5 lifetime.

How does it work?
Load the email: password combp into it. Look at the settings. The function of send private into the database means sending all private lins to the antipublish database, that is, further on, it will already be public on the software. Press start. Software will check your base with its own, its base counts in the order of 8kkk + lines. Approximately as many as human inhabitants on the planet. It will calculate the percentage of unique lines in comparison with its own, call them private and save them in a separate file.

There are other ap, until some time antipublik from the starley was the second most popular at least in ru, at the moment it is no longer on sale.

Local antipublic, reconciliation by ap, my ap, means that the person to whom you issue a base for sale / work will verify it with the topic of what he has personal. How to organize a local anti-public will be discussed later.

Earning cash method

There will be no examples, moreover, I have no idea about success, and in general this market right now, but! You may have seen advertisements for services that allow you to check the password for your email for a fee, like, check yourself in the database, received a password from your hedgehog's email, for just a few thousand rubles.

Where do they get this password from?

It is from the antipublic) Yes, the one that costs only $ 5


In fact, there is no method here, but you get the idea. For N fee, you can check for an email with a password in the leaked hacker database. This has the potential.