27.11.2020 ID Meeting

ID Meeting | 1st semester 2020

1) Check-in: What you thank-full for? (Yesterday)
Dima: "University"
David: For the day
Lena: All people that around me
Khrystyna: For people that around
Nastya: Times I have exams\tests for University; A lot of join my time
Maxim: Us, that we listen him on Speaking-Club.
Nadia: Free time, and us
Yakym: Yesterday boy on Speaking-club, when he left the session
Sveta: New experience; Opportunity to listen other people ideas;
Anna: Friends, that watch film with her.
Artem: For Speaking-club, and that everybody turn-on a video camera.

2) Artem is angry because of newbies didn't join Trello-board

So, please, join the Trello board:


3) Vova will lead new Speaking-club session on Friday, 04.12 19:30, we will publish the news about it in the chat soon. Topic: "How to distinguish a human from animal?"

4) - How we can communicate with TOP Universities?
Sveta: Start with the funny-language
Maksim: We can discuss everything (driving-tests, Students Councils, Experience at all).
Khrystyna: Talk with students came from abroad and students from other countries that studies in that University.
David: Ask how they got in such good universities? (Books, knowledges, etc.)
Dima: General common questions (Distance education, Ecology).
Lena: To ask why their university is TOP.
Nadia: Did they change their opinion of University after 1-2 year of studying
Anna: Cultural/traditions.
Nastya: Research of ways of studies in TOP Universities, and KPI (Level of happiness, Grades level, Homework hardness, etc.) .
Yakym: Research of what makes Top University - Top. (The strategy of Education, The "End goal" of discipline from Lecturers). What should KPI do, to be the TOP University.

5) - What do you want to see in University (your dream to see in Ukrainian university?
Lena: Offline study
Nadya: Offline studying and our meetings
David will make his final point, when we will have an offline learning.
Sveta: More subjects in English.
Khrystyna: Space of co-working for students. Stuff for experiments in my faculty.
Maxim: Laboratories for the experiments.
Yakym wants that Diploma says everything instead of you
Dima: Old Buildings - it's a problem.
Anna: Sport games/competitions
Nastya: More choices, less subjects.
Artem: Improve the education system all around Ukraine

6) ONLY FOR THE NEWBIES: Fill in the form in Ukrainian (українською мовою) by the end of the day, 29.11 22:00:


7) Do not forget about the #rules in the Department, 3 days of absence in a row equal "3 minuses" equal Ban (meaning "you're not an active member") except for the case you involved in some activity in the Department. Each time you skip the role of "Note-taker" you get your "minus". If you sick (not with the "lies") and notified @artemtel with an appropriate message, there is no questions during treatment period for you.

Here you can check your activity presence:


8) Check-out: If you can to create your University, what country it would be?
Yakym: In center of Ukraine, in the field
Anna: In Ukraine, to make some opportunities for youth in Ukraine. Make it better than Ukrainian Universities now.
Lena: University where students can change something. Place id doesn't matter.
Maksym: Decentralized university, where you can
Nastya: University with 2 Campuses. One campus in USA, one in Ukraine. Students change Campuses every year (One year in USA, one in Ukraine).
Dima: Place where students can choose the subjects to learn
Nadya: In Ukraine. There are will be the opportunities of choosing the subjects.
David: In Japan.
Artem: Close to the mountains. Lessons are unique, and special.
Lila: In Ukraine.
Sveta: The idea to make a cool University in Toronto, with small pay for education and courses.

9) Next meeting will be held on Monday, 30.11, you'll see time soon in the chat.

Note taker - Yermak Yakym #Thank you very much!

Next note taker - @liliapr (@hyiandyk go after Lilia).