30.11.2020 ID Meeting

ID Meeting | 1st semester 2020

1) Check-in:

by Ксюша

2) Speaking club 04.12.2020. This Friday we'll host our second speaking club, you are more than welcome to join!
Link: https://t.me/c/1376124721/115

3) Movie nights

How many times a week should it be?

  • once a week
  • once in 2 weeks

What do you like about movie nights?

  • discussion about the movie
  • make new friends
  • atmosphere

4) Talks gather 2nd Episode "LIFE AFTER GRADUATION"

Questions for interviews:

- Was it useful for you to spend all time at the university?

- Is it useful now? How education helps you concerning a career?

- Piece of advice for freshmen?

- Did you have a chance to use knowledge from the university on your work?

- What did you feel after graduation?

- Is it difficult to find work in your specialty?

- Was it enough to study at the school?

- Is it better to keep studying after graduation? Or is it better to start working and gain experience from now on?

- Did you get everything you wanted from the university?

- How have your opinion changed after studying compared to what it was before?

- What is your experience with employers? 

- Had you faced failures or problems in student life, how to cope with them in order to get results and not repeat them in the future?

- Did you manage to find a dream job?

- What about self-education?

- How are important universities now?

- How do you feel now?

5) Project by Anastasiia Vyshnevska

@anastasiya_vyshnevska has to create a Trello board for the project.

The aim is to compare different universities from different countries.

Brainwriting: 1) What encourages you to stydy?

2) What does demotivate you in your studentship?

3) Scale the influence of bad studies on your life (from 1 to 10)

4) How can you brake the bad influence you get from your studies? What actions should you undertake right now to feel freedom?

Workbuilding in Miro: https://miro.com/welcomeonboard/JwtuPi99kKlwj8KW9eRyqZNPOZ9C3in4jKpUKNjTgiZ0hktyaXXUGDX0NW2aKK6K

6) Check-out: if you could only take one person with you on the travel of your dreams? Who would it be?

We gonna discuss the next meeting time in the chat.

Note taker - @AnyaMih

Next note taker - @liliapr (@hyiandyk go after Lilia).

"Be brave to keep your dreams close!"