July 13, 2020

4 Most Popular Data Visualization Tools For Data Scientists

 How much processing you do in data science, like the collection of data, data extraction, cleansing of data, data mining. This process reduces all the data to a greater extent like duplication of data, repetition of data, incomplete data, or some data which are unnecessary or doesn’t meet the patterns or criteria of collection of data, those that are always removed or deleted rather than having and consuming lots of space. Because the storage of data is a headache to the huge amount of data that is generated per day. But simply doing all these, does n’t help you with everything. But data visualization can help you a lot regarding the understanding of different patterns of data. Do you wish to master data visualization tools along with data science courses, which are very popular in the market? This article will help you get the best data science institute in Mumbai for the best data science course in the market. So data visualization tools are always in great demand, as it simplifies the patterns of data into an easy and understandable manner through various picturization such as bar-graphs, line graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams, and more. They not only make data look simpler but also helps in making complex decisions in the easiest ways. The data visualization tools make the diagrams and charts so easy that, even a normal person can easily understand and take a decision according to the data. The various data visualization tools are:TableauQlikviewData WrapperPower BITableau is one of the most professional and widely used data visualization tools, which has many advantages over other data visualization tools and a reason why the tableau stands out as one of the best data visualization tools to date. Tableau has a very large customer base of more than 58,000 accounts across countless industries due to its simplicity in use and the ability to produce interactive visualizations better than other data visualization tools. It is also well suited for the huge and very fast-changing datasets. Qlikview is one of the major players in the data visualization tolls with almost having more than 43,000 accounts across the countless industries and the biggest competitor to Tableau. In addition to data visualization capabilities, it also offers powerful business intelligence, analytics, enterprise reporting capabilities with a very clean and clutter-free user interface. Datawrapper is one of the tools for data visualization, that’s getting more popular these days. Particularly in media organizations, that require charts and statistics very frequently. The designers have made the interface very clear and easy to upload CSV format files and creates straightforward charts and graphs that can be easily embedded with reports for presentation. Power BI is one of the most popular data visualization tools by Microsoft and the biggest competitor to Tableau. This software aims to provide interactive visualization along with business intelligence that uses a simple interface to create their data and visualization according to the datasets. This is also a paid tool like a tableau but from Microsoft which was initially released in the year 2014 and till now it has got 123 stable release, which is great in numbers.  

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