February 19, 2020

How to Effectively Market Small E-commerce Businesses to Get Big Return

If you are a small e-commerce business owner looking to market your products in a better manner, surely you need some marketing strategies for attracting new customers. By doing so, you will remain as an e-commerce business website that customers prefer again and again. Keeping your eyes open to the latest marketing trends is equally essential for your e-commerce business. At times your strategies might have worked, but it can't be the same every time and can no longer work out. It is your responsibility to figure out new plans that have the potential to attract new customers. Let's move on to discussing some of the marketing techniques that can help your e-commerce business in increasing its revenue. 

  1. Focus on Your Current Customers A common misconception among businesses that went down is that they aren't gaining new customers, and this is an entirely wrong notion. According to Annex cloud, there is a 60% chance for a customer to make another purchase from your website if they have previously purchased from your e-commerce website. Therefore, businesses should focus more on existing customers. The simple reason behind this is the fact that they know your brand better. Hence it would be best if you concentrate on improving customer experience by offering rewards like points through loyalty programs etc. By doing so, you can make your existing customers happy. With lots of e-commerce businesses in the market right now, you should make sure that you won't lose you, current customers.
  2. Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is as essential as the previous step. You need to ensure that your website is correctly optimized to rank better in the search results of any search engines. The website should contain content which is beneficial to the customers, faultless and promotes excellent user experience. Remember, your website will rank higher only if you have a properly optimized website. As the competition in the e-commerce field increases, especially those involved in online clothes shopping, it is essential to get your website in the first page of Google search result to drive quality traffic to your site. According to Serpwatch, users tend to search specific terms which can be four words or more, so make the content with the relevant keywords accordingly.
  3. Promotions to Draw Customer Promotions existed long before e-commerce business came into being. Customers are easily prone to offers, so use promotions, and you can see the difference. Some of the smart e-commerce business promo ideas include:

    Discount- For instance, get 50% off
    A contest in Social media
    Cross-selling through recommendation
    Flash-Sale Campaign

    Anotah, a famous online dresses shopping brand in the Middle has been at the forefront to offer great offers to its customers.
  4. Email Marketing Campaign Effective marketing is all about sending regular emails to customers, subsequent to building an email list. This is the tool whereby you can build some worth and enhance your relationship with customers. According to Mailchimp, almost 21% of people tend to open an e-commerce mail.

    Some of the possibilities for sending a mail include-

    Promotional Email- This includes making people aware of a new product that you have released through an email.

    Up-sell and Cross-sell Email- Email where customers are prompted to buy additional products with items that the customer purchased already.

    Abandoned Cart Email- A mail sent to customers who have abandoned their cart, reminding them of their purchase.
  5. Start a Blog There are many strong reasons behind starting a blog for your e-commerce website. Blogging can create awareness about the products that you sell, and if they are attracted, then you can expect a purchase. Recent statistics say that about 60% of customers feel connected to a company after reading an impressive blog from an e-commerce website. And if your blog is optimized, then it boosts your Google ranking. Blogging can turn a mere visitor into a customer.
  6. Offer Different Payment Options The most basic way with which you can accept payment is with a credit card. But you should enable payment with a debit card as well. 

    You will lose customers if you don't offer an option to pay with the payment method that they choose. The main reason behind an abandoned cart is the reason that customers are not ready to make a payment. Therefore you should enable different payment options. This will attract new customers as well.
  7. Social Media Marketing Different social media platforms help you create a rich presence for your e-commerce business. More than 75% of people shop a product that they saw on social media. Social media is a powerful tool where there will be customer interaction, more traffic and gain new customers. 

    Now you have enough tips for effective e-commerce business marketing, by utilizing the best marketing techniques, you can make your small business grow over time. Remember to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends to achieve success. It's not about merely adopting a strategy, but putting them into use effectively to boost your e-commerce business.

    You can try out using some explainer videos to market your business through various social media channels. You can take the help of companies that offer great quality social media marketing services.
  8. Focus on Re-marketing

    Re-marketing is one important strategy most e-commerce businesses miss out. There are lots of people out there who might have added a product to the cart and have abandoned it at the very last moment. Those kinds of people are your potential customers. It would be best if you tried to bring them back to your website by using various re-marketing strategies such as offering discounts on the products, suggesting similar kinds of products and so on. To get data related to your website cart abandoners or product reviews, you can take the help of any data scraping companies. They would help you out in getting it done. 
  9. Wrapping up You might have got a small idea about various marketing strategies that can be adopted to boost your e-commerce business sales and revenues. All the strategies mentioned above are used by many giant e-commerce companies and they have been successful in increasing their revenue. There are lots of other strategies as well that can help you out in your e-commerce business. As always, the market will change rapidly and you have to be at your best always to sustain in a competitive world.