March 9, 2020

High Maltose Syrups Market Prevalent Opportunities up to 2028

High Maltose Syrups: Market Outlook

A food additive is the substances which are added to the food product to ensure and enhance the taste, safety, and structure of that food product. High Maltose Syrups are used as the Sweetener and preservative in the food products. These syrups are less sweet than High Fructose Syrups and contain a negligible amount of fructose but it is sweet enough to use as a sweetener in commercial food products. Maltose is a bit too big for the human body to absorb, so the body must break it down into glucose in order to transport it to other parts of the body for use as fuel or to store the energy. High maltose glucose syrups are purified and concentrated nutritive carbohydrate syrups with a light sweet taste. They are characterized by a maltose content.

When starchy food such as cereal grains, corns, potatoes, legumes, and some fruits & vegetables are digested, it results in maltose. High Maltose Syrups are used as a substitute for normal glucose syrups in the production of confectionery products. Since Maltose has a low freezing point, high maltose syrups are used in the frozen desserts. Because of its balanced fermentability, it can be used in brewing. Also, high maltose syrups are used as the preservative in commercial food products.

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High Maltose Syrup and its Properties:

This special type of glucose syrup is predominantly used as a fermentable sugar in brewing beers. High maltose syrup also have different uses in production of different products like confection, canning, and some other food processing application. To speed up the fermentation process the High maltose syrup is primarily used which allows the brewers to increase the capacity without adding capital.

Increasing applications of High maltose syrup in breweries and food processing are expected to be the driving factors for the market. High maltose syrups are produced by two ways. One is traditional processing and the other one is chemical processing. Tradition way includes the boiling methodology of natural sources of maltose. In the name of High maltose syrup the word “High” Indicates that the syrup must contain at least 50% maltose. Generally it contains 40% to 50% maltose where some have as high as 70% maltose.

High Maltose Syrup Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Source, the High Maltose Syrup Market has been segmented as:

  • Natural Sources
    • Corn
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Waxy Barley
    • Rice Starch
  • Chemical Sources
    • β-amylase
    • fungal α-amylase

On the basis of End Use, the High Maltose Syrup Market has been segmented as:

  • Baking
  • Brewing Industry
  • Soft Drink Industry
  • Frozen Desserts

On the basis of Concentration, the High Maltose Syrup Market has been segmented as:

  • High Maltose Concentration Syrup
  • Very High Maltose Concentration Syrup

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Global High Maltose Syrup Market: Market Participants

The market participants operating in the global High Maltose Syrup market identified across the value chain (Manufacturer and/or Suppliers) includes Shandong Bailong Chuangyuan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., Wuxi Gum Base Co. Ltd., Om Enterprises, Honest Derivatives, Radha Govind Industries, AWA for Food Additives, Zukan, Burgosano.S.L, Alimad, Falcon SA, Special Ingredients Ltd. Among the other High Maltose Syrup Manufacturer and/or supplier.

Opportunities for Participants in the High Maltose Syrup Market:

The disadvantages of using fructose over maltose give more opportunities to the high maltose syrup manufacturers. Maltose is safer than the fructose and galactose as physiologically ill effects of excessive use of fructose and galactose have been reported. One can conclude that the human body is effectively structured to favor the Maltose. So the use of high maltose syrups should be done as a sweetener in most of the commercial food and in pharmaceuticals as well. The coherent properties of maltose stand a chance to replace the chemically produce sugar in the pharmaceutical industry. These are the new emerging sectors where these High Maltose Syrup manufacturers and Suppliers will have the expected growth.

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