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The global Organic Rice Protein Market research report provides complete insights on industry scope, global trends, regional estimates, key application, competitive landscape and financial performance of prominent players. It also offers ready, data-driven answers to several industry-level questions. This study enables numerous opportunities for the market players to invest in research and development.

Market Overview:

The global organic rice protein market was valued over USD 30 million in 2015 and is expected to witness rapid growth over the forecast period. The growing demand for organic, vegan, non-toxic and non-GMO food ingredients is expected to fuel the demand for these products. The hypoallergenic nature is proving extremely useful and replacing dominant allergens such as gluten proteins, dairy, and soy.

Key Players:

  • AIDP Inc.
  • Axiom Foods Inc.
  • Bioway (Xi'an) Organic Ingredients Co., Ltd.
  • Golden Grain Group Ltd.
  • RiceBran Technologies
  • Nutrition Resource Inc.

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Growth Drivers:

The high nutritional value of these products owing to the presence of large amounts of amino acids is beneficial for building muscles owing to which organic rice protein is combined with dietary protein in health supplements. Increasing utilization of this product in sports & recovery drinks and non-dairy drinks is expected to propel the demand. High-quality products developed using extensive R & D is driving market growth. Superior properties and low cost of these products are expected to open new avenues for application in end-use industries.

Low consumer awareness about organic rice protein coupled with the availability of alternative products coupled is projected to act as a restraint over the forecast period.

Application Outlook:

  • Sports & Energy Nutrition
  • Bakery & Confectionery
  • Meat Analogues & Extenders
  • Dairy Alternatives

Product Outlook:

  • Rice Protein Isolates
  • Rice Protein Concentrates

Regional Insights:

Europe is expected to witness the fastest growth on account of increasing consumer awareness. Growing consumption of meat analogs coupled with rising focus on healthier lifestyles is likely to propel the demand for organic rice protein over the forecast period.

North America was the most dominant region for this market in 2015 by accounting over 50%, owing to growing demand for sports beverages in Canada and US. The presence of many key manufacturers in this region is likely to drive market growth over the forecast period. High preference towards natural food ingredients is expected to further augment the market growth.

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