Medical Loupes Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Medical Loupes Market: Introduction

Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the global medical loupes market. In terms of revenue, the global medical loupes market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~6.1% during the forecast period, owing to several factors, regarding which, TMR offers detailed insights and forecasts in the medical loupes market report.

Medical loupes magnify the vision of physicians and technicians during medical procedures, to enhance surgical precision and reduce stress on the neck and eyes during surgeries. Medical loupes witness demanded in several disciplines, such as general medicine, cosmetic surgeries, neurosurgery, dentistry, etc. Rise in the geriatric population and number of patients suffering from chronic diseases is anticipated to boost the demand for medical loupes in the near future. Additionally, technological developments in medical loupes, such as low weight, are expected to surge the demand for medical loupes during the forecast period.

In this market report, TMR proposes that, the flip up loupes type segment is estimated to dominate the medical loupes market during the forecast period. Low operational cost and a wide range of applications are driving the flip up loupes segment. However, the demand for through the lens (TLL) types of loupes from professional surgeons and dentists is expected to fuel the growth of the TTL segment. Moreover, increase in the number of surgeries across the globe is a supportive factor for the growth of the global medical loupes market.

The demand for medical loupes from dentists, hygienists, and surgeons for different medical procedures is anticipated to propel the global market in the near future. The development of equipment with low manufacturing cost and increase in their demand from emerging economies are expected to create several growth opportunities for medical loupe manufacturers during the forecast period. Moreover, awareness among dentists about the benefits of using medical loupes and decline in product prices are likely to drive the global medical loupes market during the period of 2019 to 2027.

Global Medical Loupes Market: Prominent Regions

The medical loupes market in Asia Pacific is estimated to witness prominent growth, owing to a rise in the demand for medical devices and expansion of the healthcare sector as a result of rapid industrialization and urbanization. In the developed countries of North America and Europe, expansion of dental insurance coverage is a major factor driving the medical loupes market in both regions. The growing application of medical loupes in restorative dentistry and endodontic practice is anticipated to augment the growth of the global medical loupes market. The medical loupes markets in the Middle East & Africa and South America are expected to witness moderate growth in the near future. Increasing investments in the healthcare sector are expected to drive the medical loupes market in the Middle East & Africa region.