3D Camera Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts

The global market is estimated to witness significant growth due the rising popularity of augmented reality in several applications. Additionally, large numbers of mobile phone manufacturer are opting for high-quality cameras to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Increasing popularity of 3D enabled devices such as TVs has led to growing demand for 3D pictures on smaller screens. Thus, demand for 3D camera is expected to escalate over the forecast period. However, limited penetration of 3D camera technologies in smart-phone is anticipated to impede market growth to a certain extent. Development of precise engineering grade equipment is expected to play a major role in the 3D technology market arena during forthcoming years.

Asia-pacific has observed substantial growth and is expected to grow at a prominent growth rate during the forecast period. Countries such as China, India and Japan are leading Asia Pacific market, owing to the vast economical developments and the rising per capita income. Furthermore, North America is expected to hold significant market share over the forecast period owing to high penetration of consumer electronics. Major players dominating the global 3D camera market include Cannon, Fujifilm, Kodak, GoPro, Nikon, Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation and LG.

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The report titled “3D Camera Market – Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2020-2030” offers market estimates for a period 2018 to 2030”, wherein 2018 is historic period, 2019 is the base year, and 2020 to 2030 is forecast period. Additionally, the study takes into consideration the competitive landscape, wherein the report would provide company overview and market outlook for leading players in the global 3D camera market. Furthermore, the report would reflect on the key developments, global & regional sales network, business strategies, security & exchange overview, research & development activities, production facilities, product portfolio, employee strength, and key executive, for all the players considered under the scope of study. For instance, CANON reported revenues of US$ 35954.72 Million in 2018 and the segment and geographic analysis of the company indicates that Office Business segment is the dominating segment of the company, with Japan and Americas being the major revenue generating region.

The 3D camera market study takes into consideration market segmentation based on interface type, technology, product type, application, product applications, end use industry, and geography. Based on interface type, global 3D camera market is segmented into GigE, & Cameralink. Based on technology, the market is segmented into Stereo Vision, Time-of-flight (TOF), Structured Light, and Laser Profiling. Based on product type, the global 3D camera market is segmented into target camera and target-free camera. Based on application, the market is segmented into parts verification, surface scanning, security and surveillance, robotic guidance, machine vision, general measurement, and others. Based on product applications, the market is further segmented into professional cameras, tablets, smartphones, computers, robots, drones, and others. Based on end use industry, the 3D camera market is segmented into consumer electronics, healthcare, logistics, defense, and others. Further, based on geography, the market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Additionally, the study provides in-depth analysis of individual company considered under the scope of study with a focus on all operating business segment, and would identify the segment of the company focusing on 3D camera products. Further, market share of company in the global 3D camera market would also be calculated. For instance, CANON operates through five business segments namely Office, Imaging System, Medical System, and Industry and Others. Moreover, Imaging System segment of the company deals with 3D Camera products, with a revenue contribution of US$ 9165.01 Million.

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The report study takes into consideration the key competitive information such as business strategy, product portfolio, key development, SWOT analysis, and research and development focus of all the 3D camera manufacturing companies. Furthermore, the global 3D camera market study would take into consideration the participants engaged throughout the supply chain and value chain of the market, along with their contribution. Product portfolio would focus on all the products under the 3D camera market business segment of the company. Similarly, the recent development section would focus on the latest developments of company such as strategic alliances and partnerships, merger and acquisition, new product launched and geographic expansion in the global 3D camera marketplace. For instance, “the net cash used by CANON in investing activities increased by US$ 278.44 million to US$ 1779.71 million in fiscal 2018 mainly due to an increase in payment for acquisitions of businesses” The Key players in the global 3D camera market are focused on developing advanced camera systems in order to gain competitive edge in the global market.