November 1, 2020

Samsung Digital Signage for Your Business

Congratulations, you've made the decision, and you would like to start upgrading your business's appearance, presence and marketing strategy. You even may have heard of different terms that are circulating rapidly, but you're still quite overwhelmed by the diversity and wide selection. Let us enhance why digital signage should be your next step to refreshing your business measures.

Let's start by simply defining and introducing the notion of digital signage. Digital signage is an electronic sign used to convey information to in-store audiences and customers. It uses LCD, LED, or projection screens to display videos and graphics that may be informative or may encourage engagement of viewers. Digital signage functions in different settings — healthcare, museums, sporting arenas, public spaces, academic buildings, retail stores and restaurants — to offer messaging, marketing, outdoor advertising, menu displaying and more.

It's pretty obvious at this point that selecting the right screen for your business is mandatory. But as you've learned, there probably has to be more to it than just the screen itself. Digital signage's content is powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip which pushes content to a display. Users can then manage the content with a content management system, either on-site or within the cloud to change up content on the fly.

On top of picking a media player to mediate your content to the viewer, you'll have to make a decision on the best digital signage software for your business. Digital signage software allows for text, animation, or video to be displayed on your digital sign. It allows your content to be remotely controlled from nearly anywhere, and usually offers advanced editing functions and display features so that you could generate the most appealing and concise content.

So, what have we got so far? A quick recap – implementing digital signage in your business usually entails three major steps – picking the right screen (your hardware), deciding on a media player, and looking for the right digital signage software. But what if you were told you could skip some of the steps, and select a screen with an integrated media player? This is exactly what Samsung Digital Signage is all about. Samsung Digital Signage is a content and device management solution giving businesses the ability to easily create, schedule and play content across a signage network. It is well known for being energy efficient, cost effective due to reduced maintenance costs, and easily installable. To easily control and constantly update your Samsung digital signage display, just grab your Samsung digital signage software to make any quick edits on your content, so that you customers never miss a notification, important update or any new promotions.

To conclude, there's no doubt about businesses around the globe, on a changing scale, being more and more swept by digital signage solutions. Digital signage excels at attracting viewers, having them pay more attention to your business and what it has to say. It seems that choosing the Samsung digital signage solution might be extremely worthwhile, as it may help you simplify the implementation process and reduce costs.