Provide travel services ,Toyota Motor launches new brand KINTO

Toyota will launch a new brand-KINTO, dedicated to providing travel services for users throughout Europe. This is part of Toyota's global vision, which is to develop into a travel company by providing transportation-related services to people all over the world.
Toyota's goal is to increase travel services on the basis of traditional car sales through a four-pillar organization strategy. The company will use a unique dedicated brand to attract new travel users, and it will increase its share in the full-service leasing (FSL) market, which includes the provision of multi-brand all-in-one vehicles and vehicles for corporate and individual customers. service.
Toyota will use data and vehicle connectivity capabilities to develop and launch services, such as car sharing, car pooling or leasing, where feasible. The automaker is preparing to combine future advancements in autonomous driving with market-tested autonomous mobility-as-a-service transportation, such as using the e-Palette concept car currently being developed worldwide.
Toyota Connect Europe is the European subsidiary of Toyota Technical Support and Data Corporation. It develops and implements a series of products and services related to connected vehicle systems, such as Toyota Big Data Center, and Toyota's proprietary Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) services. The KINTO brand will be used to clearly position itself as a new way of consumer travel, and will represent "inclusive and trustworthy", "simple and easy" and "sustainable".
The name of the new brand is derived from the Japanese word Kintoun or Flying nimbus, which can be called "Somersault Cloud" when translated into Chinese. It comes from the famous Japanese animation "Dragon Ball" and is one of the protagonist's vehicles. Just like Kintoun, KINTO hopes that every time customers find a convenient and smart way to move anywhere, they can use it anytime, anywhere. KINTO brand services will be deployed on a market by market basis based on the feasibility and sustainability of the business case. The initial services to be launched in certain European markets include KINTO One, KINTO Share, KINTO Join and KINTO Flex.
KINTO One is a full-service rental project. You only need to pay once a month to combine vehicles, services and insurance, and easily realize ownership. KINTO Share is a car-sharing service based on a large-scale hybrid vehicle lineup, which can be obtained through a self-service concept without paying operating costs. Toyota's existing car-sharing service Yuko has been renamed under KINTO, and the service is already operating in multiple European cities (Dublin, Venice, Copenhagen and Madrid).
KINTO Join is carpooling. This service connects employees who want to share their daily commute and benefits employees and companies that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. KINTO Flex is a subscription-based car rental model that provides greater flexibility and Provides a quality experience. In addition, Toyota is evaluating other services, such as ride-hailing or multi-modal applications. These services will have features that are easily accessible through mobile apps and integrated payments.
There are already many companies dedicated to travel, but not many OEMs that are positioned like Toyota have established new travel brands. Previously in China, BYD also teamed up with Didi to launch the D1 model, which focuses on online car-hailing operations. Perhaps Toyota will continue to release more mass-production versions of new cars that focus on aftermarket travel.(Read more about harga toyota yaris)