Qatar is an independent country located in the Western region of Asia. Even though it is covered by desert landscape, the country is enriched with rich oil and gas sediments among other natural resources. Qatar is among the world’s richest economics. On the Human Development Index, Qatar places high and tops the poll among Arab countries. The country’s economy relies massively on Oil and natural gas as principal income roots. Qatar Pharma is the initial intravenous infusion facility in Doha, Qatar, and is the first Pharmaceutical Company in the Arabian Gulf that began operating in the year 2009. It has an assuring term of high-quality medicinal products in the health care divisions.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification is a chain of Quality Certainty which as a practice assures the production of the goods are consistently manufactured and controlled according to quality measures conditions. This is a method to reduce hazards involved in any production project that cannot be discharged through testing the ultimate final product. The GMP is a set of guidelines and procedures that required to be adopted by an industry that is connected to the production and processing of food commodities as well as medicinal outcomes. GMPs are produced by the food and drug authority for all the food products excluding poultry, meat, and egg products. The regulative analysts maintain a constant report on the quality of goods and the implementation of the GMP policies for the better quality assurance of the food products.


GMP Certification leads to immense benefits to your business. Some significant benefits are:-

1. Improves the food safety management system.

2. Develops customer assurance in your products/goods.

3. The decrease in food safety risks and controlled contamination of food.

4. Helps in minimizing operating expenses due to rework and penalties due to non-compliance would decrease and further develop efficiency.

5. Assists in increase trading opportunities.

6. Raw substances utilized in the manufacture of drugs are of known, and of possibly standardized, quality and are free from contamination.

7. Reduction in duplication of inquiries.

8. The production method is proven to satisfy its quality attributes.

9. Cost-saving


Quality System within Risk Management and Quality Review:

1. QRM is a well-organized method for identification, knowledge, evaluation, and analysis of hazards to the quality of the products produced.

2. Regular and periodical quality inspections of all outcome products should be implemented with the purpose of verification and constant usages of existing methods.

Complaints and Product Recalls:

1. Complaints and other related data concerning potentially faulty products should be evaluated according to recorded methods.

2. A process must be set to recall from the market accurately and efficiently, for the products recognized or suspected as defective.

Self-Inspection, Quality Audits, and Approval:

1. Self-inspection is a method to assess the company’s agreement with concerns of GMP in terms of Production and Quality Control.

2. A quality audit is a method of testing and evaluation of either all or part of quality practice with the purpose of developing the method included in the policy.

Good Manufacturing Practices form an essential part of the overall HACCP food safety system in the food industry. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are essential in order to produce safe food. The food industry has a legal and ethical responsibility to provide and prepare food that will not harm the consumer. There can be a high value to the food industry if it does not perform satisfying Good manufacturing practices (GMP).


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