SAP SD Material Determination

Welcome to our tutorial on SAP material determination, offered as part of our free. SAP material determination allows a company to control its products or finished materials. You can substitute one product for another one and control the substitution using validity dates in condition records. In this tutorial you will learn how to configure SAP material determination and see several examples. know more at SAP SD online training

To illustrate SAP material determination, let’s assume a company sells a product in different packaging during certain periods of time. For example, they may use promotional holiday packaging during the month of December. With material determination properly set up at the time of order entry, the user enters the normal material number and the system substitutes it with the promotional product ordered by the customer. Depending on the type of SAP material determination configured, the system may:

  • Propose manual product selection from a list
  • Automatically substitute the product

In SAP Sales and distribution When a product is under engineering change or there is a bug and you have another product, which is acceptable as replacement, then material determination can be used to set this scenario. Old product can be replaced by new product as per the launch date of the product. Material determination is also called as “Product selection”.

It uses condition technique for material. Material determination procedure is based on the sales document type. With condition technique, criteria can be defined and condition records can be maintained. Standard material determination procedure for order type OR is A00001. Standard material determination condition type is A001.

With standard setup, condition record for swap materials is maintained for “material entered”. It means in standard SAP, material determination is triggered when material is entered in the sales order. Additional criteria can be added by customizing condition type A001. Material condition records are maintained in the main transaction menu in master data.

Swapping can be based on certain business conditions. These are called as Substitution reasons. For each substitution reason, you can define substitution strategy. SAP System will automatically replace product as per material determination record after carrying out availability check or can give list of substitute products for users to check and select or replace material without availability check.

It can also control whether both substituted and substitute material can be displayed in the sales order or only substitute material is to be displayed in the sales order. It controls printing of substituted or substitute material on output types like order confirmations. In delivery, no material determination is carried out for items copied from the order. Material determination in a delivery is carried out for new items if material determination has been activated for the corresponding sales document type.

Execute Material Determination with Alternative Configuration

We have just demonstrated SAP material determination with a substitution strategy that allows a user to select the material from a list. Let’s assume that we have instead configured a blank substitution strategy for our substitution reason as indicated below (note that the tick box is selected for our substitution

Update Substitution Reason Configuration

Using a blank substitution strategy, the material is substituted automatically. Let’s create a new sales order to see how this works. SAP SD online training Execute transaction code. Enter all the details for the sales order. In our example, we use as our material number with a requested delivery date of as shown below:

Create Sales Order

Once all data is entered, hit to trigger the material determination. Since our material’s substitution reason has substitution strategy , the system does not display the alternative material selection screen. Instead, the system prompts a warning message before automatically substituting the material with the alternative material. This is due to the fact that the tick box is selected in the substitution reason customization.

Once all data is entered, hit to trigger the material determination. Since our material’s substitution reason has substitution outcome and the warning indicator removed, the system retains the original material entered in the first line item and automatically creates a sub item for the substitute material. is no warning message provided.