How to reduce the size in iOS apps

iOS is among one of the popular operating systems. It is a highly preferred platform by users. For iOS developers, the primary challenge is to launch the app. Apple is quite strict with its particular guidelines. To meet formal requirements, the developers need to consider several attributes such as size, design, and many more.

Hence, the size of the devices creates an impact at a massive level at the time of development. It is the foremost consideration of the iOS developers. Oversized applications can lead developers to face several hurdles: low performance, battery consumption, and many more things.

To leverage the functionalities, only programmers have to focus on this factor, but users also have to manage the space storage. Some files are heavy to download, and there are many other practices that iOS users should bring in their practices.

In this blog, let’s discuss the importance of app size and how users can manage the storage on their devices. Every solution has its size, and it depends on the functionalities integrated by the supported tools and technologies used in it. Along with this, how users can manage the space in their devices. In order to leverage all the benefits of the iPhone app development partner with the iPhone app development company.

Ways users can manage the space in the devices.

1) Format Settings
Here, the format settings refer to the image and video format settings. Presently, it is time for HD quality images, and our smart devices can even capture them, but it is important users should know how to manage them. They should constantly check out the quality of the images and videos that helps them manage the space in their devices.

Recently, iOS launched High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) format for the users. It is optional and dependent on users whether they want to opt for it or not, but it is an option over JPEG. It offers users to save their high-quality images in a smaller size.

For this, users have to conduct some changes in their camera settings -

  • They have to change the settings from JPEG from HEIC
  • Open the camera and tap on the formats; choose one format in which you wish to capture your image and how you want to store it.
  • Then you have to choose one picture among 2 formats - Most Compatible or High efficiency

How can you decrease the size of your video quality?

  • Go to your camera settings
  • In the record option, go to the video setting and select the video quality as per your preference
  • The low-quality video helps you to save space in your devices.

External Compressing Applications

This is one of the best ways to reduce the size of your data even in the development process. Developers opt for this functionality, but now with the advent of technologies, users can also leverage this technology by downloading the quality compressing application from the app store.

They can easily choose the proper application by previewing the reviews and ratings. After downloading the application, they can install and run the solutions and reduce the size of the specific application or particular image and video easily and without any hassle. By reducing the size of ideas, users should delete the original pictures from the gallery, as it helps them to save a considerable amount of space.

For MS files and PDF, there are many compressors available, but offline compressors are only highly recommended. They are best for your usability.

Device checkability
Users should check their devices constantly or manage the data accordingly. They should contain the images, videos, applications regularly and should delete the data which is not required. It is vital to collect the information effectively according to your storage and requirements. Most of the time, users have to face storage difficulties as they don’t remove the data constantly.

The size of applications plays an essential role in iOS devices. To leverage all the benefits, it is important that users can manage the space in the devices. We hope this blog provides you with the best ways to reduce the storage in your devices. Every developer and user should know about it to boost the performance and efficiency of devices.