How to prepare for Black Friday

Two days are left to super pre-Christmas promotions. Choose the product and mark the price list to then understand how advantageous the online offer

Countdown to the super sales of Black Friday that marks the start of the Christmas gifts race, an American ritual that has now become viral in the world, including Italy. The discounts, from 40 to 70 percent, trigger a real assault on the shelves of the boutiques but the real boom of purchases is recorded online. Just one click and at any time of the day or night, in the office as in the living room, you can make purchases at super discounted prices. The most popular and most cost-effective products are in the electronics and information technology sectors, followed by clothing, bags and shoes, perfumes but also packages for trips to the snow, in European capitals or exotic destinations and, finally, books. The "Black Friday Sales"it will have as its conquest territory the territories of Amazon that last year recorded a record of 600 thousand purchases with seven orders per second. Together with the online shopping colossus there will be Yoox, Mediaworld, eBay, plus the big chains of Unieuro, Euronics. For fashion all the brands take part in the event but the big business will involve in particular the low cost networks, such as Zara, H & M, Mango. On Friday, the online click competition to get a smartphone, a kitchen robot and a LED TV, rather than sneakers, duvets and bags will be incessant, with timed proposals and discounts more and more tempting. But the Christmas gifts rush has already started this week and will last until Monday, November 28, for the "Cyber ​​Monday", But how to move in this sea of ​​offers doing real business? The experts of the balances advise above all to have clear ideas on what you want to buy, without ever being overwhelmed by the consumerist wave. Here is an example: who wants a new mobile phone, can inquire about prices and performances of the appliance and then compare with the online offers. If you want to buy yet another pair of sneakers, without making a mistake, just do a blitz in the nearest store, try the shoe, write down the details of the model and then click or line. In short, as for the black friday amazon sales that you make with the tours in boutiques, you need to know, in principle, what to buy, knowing already in advance the list prices. For payments there are those who prefer pre-paid credit cards, also in order not to exceed the fixed budget and to be tempted by the amusement park. The "Black Friday" beyond its name anything but cheerful, was baptized as the "black Friday" by the American police who in the sixties had to deal with the crazy traffic in the cities where the merchants had organized the super-balances. More recently and before the online rite of "Black Friday" there were people who, in America, queued up in front of department stores, spending the night in line with sleeping bags. Now everything is simpler and more comfortable. Just one click and with very short delivery times, the object of desire knocks, well packaged, at the door of the house.

August 1, 2018
by @jelinaden
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