Know Which Mobile App Development Platform To Consider For E-Commerce Business

With the advancement in technology at lightning speed, the mobile device has evolved a lot from just being a means of a communication tool to a highly effective business tool. People are getting more addicted to tablets, mobile phones, and other smart devices these days as it offers various benefits and convenience to them. The importance of mobile applications in business has climbed the ladder to the top drastically in the last few years.

Ways To Choose Best Platform For Designing Excellent App For Your Business

Every day thousands of applications are launched on the app store, which is developed on the Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, choosing the right platform for developing the application for your business is quite important. Both development platforms come with their own benefits for the business.

In recent years, Android and iOS have become dominating mobile OS leaving all competitors far behind. And when it comes to choosing between Android and iOS, it’s quite hard to make a choice completely. There are numerous things that differ between the two from the technical perspective. Let's shed some light on the differences between Android and iOS.

Programming Language

Kotlin and Java are used in Android application development, while Swift and Objective C are used by iOS application development. However, Swift allows the developer to develop the application much faster than ever before. When it comes to Android or iOS application development, there is not much difference. To get a top-notch application for your business, you can hire a developer or can also hire an Android developer as they can develop the application using the programming language as per your business needs.

Targeted Audience

You must know to whom you want to target in order to develop a well-performing application for your business. Concerning the Android and iOS application development, your user personas should impact your choice. The prime factor that breaks the deal for an application is certainly the audience. Their demographic locations, education, earnings, and age play a critical role while deciding to choose the right platform.

Development Time

It is one of the primary factors when it comes to app development. Both iOS and Android application development take almost the same time and that too with the same functionality and features. However, when it comes to testing the doordash clone or any other app on various platforms, then testers need to test Android applications for multiple devices, which takes more time, whereas iOS applications need not be tested on various devices as it runs on limited devices. Thus a lengthy testing procedure by the Android application can increase the development cost and time for android applications.


Discussed here are a few deciding factors that can assist the entrepreneur or businesses in choosing the right development platform for developing the application for their business. And it's fair to mention that if you want to address both android and ios device users worldwide, then you can consider cross-application development platforms as the best choice.