Here's What Really Matters in Modern Child Custody Case for a Mother

Child custody for mothers and the standard by which child custody determinations are made in the courts have changed dramatically over the last century. In fact, in the early 1890s, fathers were always given full custody of the children in separation. However, in contested custody cases today, in which the mother usually earns less than the father, it does not automatically allow the father to keep the children in the event of separation.

The standards in the early 1890s, which gave fathers full custody of the children, shifted to today's policy, which presumed the mothers to be the first caregiver. The system was replaced with the overall best interests of the children. The overall best interest of the children standard considers many factors and is supposed to lead the courts in judgments. Nevertheless, today courts continue to regard the mother as the first caregiver.

Mothers always provide primary care for their children and are still involved in all responsibilities of nurturing and raising their children. While few mothers may be at a disadvantage financially at the beginning of their separation, more mothers are becoming educated with information and strategies on how to enhance their child custody case.

Nonetheless, fathers and mothers both play an essential role in supporting the development and growth of their children. But when parents' divorce and child custody cases are contested, the family courts and judges are confronted with the challenging task of determining where the child should live and what parenting agreement is in the child's best interest.

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