Covid-19 pandemic acts as a boon to Global Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients Market

Market overview:

The global Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients Market was estimated at USD 187.6 billion in 2019, and it is predicted to reach a valuation of USD 216.5 billion 2025 at a CAGR of 5.8% over the conjecture period.

Fruits and vegetables are most crucial elements of a healthy meal. Using fruits and vegetables every day helps prevent a variety of diseases, including certain types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Fruits and vegetables have various vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health. They include nutrients like zinc, vitamins A, C and E, phosphorus, magnesium, and so on. If you eat enough fruits and vegetables, the probability of many diseases can be restricted.

Recent developments:

  • In October 2018, Döhler acquired a majority stake in Nutrafood S.r.l. Nutrafood's portfolio now complements Döhler's range of vegetable foods and beverages, and currently offers a wide range of solutions, from smoothies to spoons.

Market Drivers and Restraints:

Raising awareness of the health benefits associated with eating healthy foods is one of the key factors that is likely to drive growth in the global market. Factors such as increased disposable income and rapid urbanization have also increased the demand for ingredients in fruits and vegetables. The global market is growing as the demand for healthy food increases along the way with the lifestyle of a busy workforce. As the processed food and beverage industry grows rapidly, demand for fruit and vegetable ingredients is increasing, driving growth in target markets. Food availability is of many forms and types, such as powders, purees and pastes, concentrates, etc., and is another factor that is expected to increase the growth of the global market. Today's consumers are aware of the quality of the food they eat. This is the ratio of the conversion from the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumption of fruit and vegetable ingredients. The growth of the global market is accelerating as awareness of the health benefits associated with consuming fruits and vegetables increases. Consumers know the importance of organic products, so they are jumping to the consumption of fruits and vegetables. And this factor will promote the growing demand for vegetables and fruits worldwide. The immense growth potential in unexplored areas of developing nations is likely to accelerate the opportunities for key players in this market.

There are no major restrictions on the global fruit and vegetable ingredients market except forrising unfair trading practices worldwide.

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Report is segmented as:

The food & beverages application segment is expected to occupy a significant part of sales in the global market. This may be due to the main demand in the beverage industry and other food related applications. Among the applications, the beverage sector is expected to record significant growth due to increased consumption of non-alcoholic and healthy beverages.

Geographical Segmentation:

Due to the rapid growth of the food and beverage market and the use of products containing fruit and vegetable ingredients, Europe is expected to become the dominant region in the market for these ingredients. The market for fruit and vegetable ingredients in the Asia Pacific region is expected to occupy a significant portion of revenue in the target market, and may have a strong base of the food and manufacturing industry. The North American market is expected to post significant growth as fruit and vegetable consumption increases.

Impact of COVID 19 on Fruits and Vegetable Ingredient Market

As COVID-19's impact on the food and beverage industry increases, food ingredient manufacturers are also witnessing strong support for this global pandemic. Fruit and vegetable production have had a significant impact on the production of fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Key players:

Key players in the market include SVZ, Dohler, RFI ingredients, AGRANA Group, Ingredion, Sensient Technologies Corporation, Kerry Group plc, SensoryEffects Ingredient Solutions, Olam International Limited and Diana SAS.

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