Penetration Testing Market Key players BM Corporation, Rapid7, Inc, Microfocus, Qualys, Inc., Synopsys Inc., Core Security SDI Corporation, Whitehat Security, Trustwave Holdings, Inc.

As per the research conducted by KD Market research, the report titled “ Penetration Testing Market” provides current as well as future analysis of the market by evaluating the major applications, advantages, trends, and challenges. The report dives deeper to produce useful insights into Penetration Testing Market such as major global regions and key competitors and strategies that can be used for the entry-level player too.

Global Penetration Testing Market, 2018-2023, is a market research report by KD Market Insights that offers extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the global and regional/market. The report offers market size and structure of the overall industry based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing analysis, and our in-house expertise. Global Penetration Testing market was held at USD XXX Million in 2017 and is expected to garner USD XXX Million by the end of 2023.

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The market research report demonstrates market dynamics including growth drivers, barriers and opportunities and trends spearheading current nature and future status of this market. The report is supplemented with various indicators which are believed to propel the growth of the market during the forecast period.

In Addition, Porter’s Five Forces analysis demonstrates the five forces i.e. buyers bargaining power, suppliers bargaining power, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, and degree of competition in Penetration Testing market. The report also offers value chain analysis for the Penetration Testing market.

Global Penetration Testing Market Size & Forecast

The report reviews the preliminary estimates for 2018 and forecasts for growth in Penetration Testing demand for 2019-2023. It analyses the market by geographies i.e. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America & Middle East & Africa. Further, the geographies are fragmented into country and regional groupings:

- North America (U.S. & Canada)

- Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe)

- Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia Pacific)

- Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Rest of Latin America)

- Middle East & Africa (GCC, North Africa, South Africa and Rest of Middle East & Africa)

The report segments the market based on By Type into ….

- Network Penetration Testing

- Web Application Penetration Testing

- Mobile Application Penetration Testing

- Social Engineering Penetration Testing

- Cloud Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Further, the market has been also segmented By Components into ….

- Software

- Pen-test Services

Further, the market has been also segmented By Enterprises Size into ….

- Small and Medium Enterprises

- Large Enterprises

Further, the market has been also segmented By Vertical into ….


- Healthcare and Life Science

- Consumer Goods and Retail

- Automotive

- IT and Telecommunication

- Media and Entertainment

- Government

- Others

Along with figures and tables, a market attractiveness and BPS analysis has been provided for every segment in the report.

Global Penetration Testing Market: Competitive Landscape

The report also highlights the competitive landscape of the global Penetration Testing market, positioning of all the major players in industry. Competitive landscape analysis provides detailed strategic analysis of the company’s business and performance such as financial information, revenue breakup by segment and by geography, SWOT Analysis, risk analysis, key facts, company overview, business strategy, key product offerings, marketing and distribution strategies, new product development, recent news (acquisition, expansion, technology development, research & development expansion and other market activities.

The research study includes profiles of leading companies operating in the global Penetration Testing Market. Some of the Key Players profiled include:

- IBM Corporation

- Rapid7, Inc.

- Microfocus

- Qualys, Inc.

- Synopsys Inc.

- Core Security SDI Corporation

- Whitehat Security

- Trustwave Holdings, Inc.



- Other Major & Niche Key Players

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Table of content

1.Executive Summary
2. Growth Drivers & Issues in Global Penetration Testing Market
3. Global Penetration Testing Market Trends
4. Opportunities in Global Penetration Testing Market
5. Recent Type Activities, 2017
6. Porter's Five Forces Analysis
7. Market Value Chain and Supply Chain Analysis
8. Global Penetration Testing Market Size (USD Million), Growth Analysis and Forecast, (2017-2023)

9.Global Penetration Testing Market Segmentation Analysis, By Type

9.1. Introduction
9.2. Market Attractiveness, By Type
9.3. BPS Analysis, By Type
9.4. Network Penetration Testing
9.5. Web Application Penetration Testing
9.6. Mobile Application Penetration Testing
9.7. Social Engineering Penetration Testing
9.8. Cloud Infrastructure Penetration Testing

10.Global Penetration Testing Market Segmentation Analysis, By Components

10.1. Introduction
10.2. Market Attractiveness, By Components
10.3. BPS Analysis, By Components
10.4. Software
10.5. Pen-test Services

11.Global Penetration Testing Market Segmentation Analysis, By Enterprises Size

11.1. Introduction
11.2. Market Attractiveness, By Enterprises Size
11.3. BPS Analysis, By Enterprises Size
11.4. Small and Medium Enterprises
11.5. Large Enterprises

12.Global Penetration Testing Market Segmentation Analysis, By Vertical

12.1. Introduction
12.2. Market Attractiveness, By Vertical
12.3. BPS Analysis, By Vertical
12.4. BFSI
12.5. Healthcare and Life Science
12.6. Consumer Goods and Retail
12.7. Automotive
12.8. IT and Telecommunication
12.9. Media and Entertainment
12.10. Government
12.11. Others

13.Geographical Analysis

13.1. Introduction
13.2. North America Penetration Testing Market Size (USD Million) & Volume, 2017-2023
13.2.1. By Type
13.2.2. By Components
13.2.3. By Enterprises Size
13.2.4. By Vertical

13.2.5. By Country Market Attractiveness, By End-user BPS Analysis, By End-User U.S. Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Canada Market Size (USD Million 2017-2023

13.3. Europe Penetration Testing Market Size (USD Million) & Volume, 2017-2023
13.3.1. By Type
13.3.2. By Components
13.3.3. By Enterprises Size
13.3.4. By Vertical

13.3.5. By Country Market Attractiveness, By Country BPS Analysis, By Country Germany Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 United Kingdom Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 France Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Italy Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Spain Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Russia Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Rest of Europe Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023

13.4. Asia Pacific Penetration Testing Market Size (USD Million), 2017-2023
13.4.1. By Type
13.4.2. By Components
13.4.3. By Enterprises Size
13.4.4. By Vertical

13.4.5. By Country Market Attractiveness, By Country BPS Analysis, By Country China Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 India Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Japan Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 South Korea Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Indonesia Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Taiwan Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Australia Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 New Zealand Market Size (USD Million, 2017-2023 Rest of Asia Pacific Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023

13.5. Latin America Penetration Testing Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023
13.5.1. By Type
13.5.2. By Components
13.5.3. By Enterprises Size
13.5.4. By Vertical

13.5.5. By Country Market Attractiveness, By Country BPS Analysis, By Country Brazil Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Mexico Market Size (USD Million) 2017-2023 Rest of Latin America Market Size (USD Million, 2017-2023

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