Beat the Winter Blues With Some Closet Upgrades

Wintertime can present many with the winter blues, with short, chilly days and additional layers it can be enough to weigh anyone down. Your wardrobe can bring some pep back into your step. Giving your closet a fresh look can be a great way to boost your mood and get back to being in high spirits, so consider some of these possible updates to bring some brightness to your day.

Layer Up

Layers are a logical component of the colder months, however, have you considered updating your clothes with some trendy layers? The layers you wear can serve as a much-needed upgrade and great way to bring your closet up to date. Whether you add a color block fleece jacket or a long, oversized blazer in a wool fabric, consider what options best suit your activities and style to add some excitement to your apparel. It can be possible to add both fashion and function to your lifestyle during the wintertime.

Knock Your Socks Off

Socks are a trendy but often less noticeable way to add some fun to your look. Socks are no longer meant to solely keep your feet warm with limited color choices, but now they come in electrifying patterns and colors. Adding a pair of holiday socks to emblazon a casual look or add a chic take on formal wear can take your look one step further. During colder months, adding a warmer sock in a cheerful pattern can bring warmth to your toes and if spotted, serve as a good conversation starter during any event.

From Head To Toe

Small updates to your closet can help bring vibrancy and vitality to an ordinary, everyday look. The look of an unamusing pair of sneakers can be transformed with new energy by adding colorful shoelaces. This look presents an upgraded liveliness to shoes that have begun to bore you. Whether you chose neon, patterned, or updated neutral color laces, take the inexpensive opportunity to reinvigorate your favorite footwear.

Add Some Embellishments

If you are handy with hardware or sewing materials, consider adding some fun bling to your clothing. Whether you are into sparkles or grommets, there are embellishments for all. Give some thought to switching out the buttons on an old pea coat to revitalize a chilly look.

Neckwear Can Be Necessary

During the winter months, covering your neck can be a necessity to stay warm. However, consider how you can add some fun to your winter wardrobe with a trendy scarf. Whether you are considering an infinity scarf that has a hood or a scarf with a popular pattern, opting for stylish neckwear can bring additional attention to a cold-weather necessity.

Secondhand Options

Upgrading wardrobes can sound intimidating and often feel unrealistic to those who are cognizant of budgets. However, there are inexpensive and fiscally responsible options for those who want to reinvigorate their closets without breaking the bank by visiting thrift stores or hosting clothing swaps. Consider stopping by your local thrift store and buying items secondhand, as these shops can often be the home to hidden treasures whose owner may no longer need them. Additionally, if you do not have a thrift store you are interested in perusing, think about bringing your community together for a clothing swap.

Advertise to your community the ability to bring in old clothing, in good, wearable shape, and then leaving with items to give their closets new life. This can be a great option if you are willing to host the event or find somewhere and someone to host it. A great option to pay it forward following an event of this type is to drop all of the unclaimed items to a consignment shop or local shelter in need so that the unclaimed clothes do not go to waste.

Upgrading your closet can be a wonderful way to brighten your spirits and bring some liveliness to your life. As the months get colder and finding exuberance can be a challenge, consider ways that you can bring your zest for life into your wardrobe during the chilly winter months.