Dual Ovenable Bags Market: Structure and Overview of Key Market Forces Propelling Market

The food packaging market over the years has witnessed tremendous growth and is expected to keep this momentum in the future as well. Customers across the globe are more inclined towards buying of processed food products such as ready-to-eat meals, frozen foods, etc. directly from retail outlets as they form an easy source of cooking. Dual ovenable bags have thus emerged as an innovative ‘no-touch’ cooking solution that permits the packaged food products directly from freezer to microwave or ovens and finally on their dinning ready for consumption. Moreover, these dual ovenable bags are capable enough to provide a longer shelf life without compromising the freshness, flavor, odder, color, etc. of the food item. Dual ovenable bags are manufactured from multilayer films consisting of polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.

Dual Ovenable Bags Market: Drivers & Restraints

With an increase in organized retail across the developing economies, the growing inclination of consumers towards easy to cook packaged food is expected to drive the global dual ovenable bags market in the forthcoming years. Increasing awareness among the end users owing to the rise in health, environment and sustainability concerns also play a decisive role in the growth of the dual ovenable bags market. However, continuous fluctuations in raw material prices at the manufacturing-end is likely to hamper the dual ovenable bags market. Also, due to its multi-layer structure, the dual ovenable bags are difficult to recycle thus adding a restraining factor towards the growth of dual ovenable bags market.

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Dual Ovenable Bags Market: Segmentation Overview

Dual ovenable bags are in high demand across the globe as it has emerged as an easy-to-cook package for cooking processed food products. Based on the material type, dual ovenable bags made of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) especially Crystalline PET material is expected to dominate the dual ovenable bags market over the forecast period.  Dual ovenable bags are used majorly in the cooking of processed meat as well as frozen food products.

Dual Ovenable Bags Market: Regional Overview

Geographically, the dual ovenable bags market is segmented into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Europe and North American regions have a matured market for processed meat packaging, and thus, the demand for dual ovenable bags is expected to show a linear growth rate throughout the forecast period. As compared to other, the Asia-Pacific region is likely to dominate the global dual ovenable bags market during the forecast period. Growing inclination of consumers towards single cook of ready-to-eat, processed and frozen food products to fulfil the needs of rising urban population in the emerging economies like China, India etc. are the key reason to fuel the growth of dual ovenable bags market in this region.

Overall, the global dual ovenable bags market is anticipated to show a healthy CAGR over the forecast period 2017-2025.

Dual Ovenable Bags Market: Key Players

Some of the key players that operate in the dual ovenable bags market across the globe are Bemis Company, Inc., Sealed Air Corporation, Terphane Inc., Sonoco Products Company, Toray Plastics (America), Inc., DuPont Teijin Films U.S. Limited Partnership, Bostik SA, Roberts Technology Group, Inc., Alert Packaging Ltd., and Golden Eagle Extrusions, Inc.