Li-Fi to Replace Wi-Fi? Sounds Like Sci-Fi

“The Goal: Every light bulb in the world act as LiFi device!”

If you are wondering about the term Li-Fi itself, the term Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a wireless optical networking technology uses LEDs for data transmission and which is 100 times faster than traditional WiFi. At speeds like this, albums, high-definition films and even video games could be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

The speed is down to the way in which it transmits data- by using Visible Light Communication (VLC), data is sent between networks by LED lights that flicker incredibly fast.

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“Li-Fi is just a free space transmission.”

Where it will be getting used?: To Increase Robustness in Mobile Payments, In Street Lights to Provide high-speed Data Everywhere, For Providing Data Services inside an Aircraft Cabin, In Traffic Signals to Reduce Accidents

However, the biggest challenge is that Li-Fi requires a straight line of light for it to transmit data. Moreover, how optimally Li-Fi will transfer data back to the transmitter is yet another cause of concern. Well, rather than with Wi-fi routers, proposed setup of Li-fi technology would need to include antennas in multiple