Selection of hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle is not such an easy task as it would seem. First impressions of you and your appearance depend a lot on your hairstyle. Make it a rule that the choice of your hairstyle should always depend on the quality of your hair, the shape of your face and the main characteristics. Also, a hairstyle is your new style, the image of which you want and must match.

When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to correctly come up with the image that you will create on your head. For a more basic selection, we will divide all hairstyles into types. And from this huge variety, we will single out four main types:

1) The hair is combed from the forehead to the back of your head. These hairstyles work well for both long and short hair. 2) Descending or acentral. A characteristic feature is that the hair in this hairstyle has a direction from the crown to the edge of the growth line. These hairstyles look great on both long and short hair. 3) Concentrated (often used in hairstyles such as ponytails). The highlight of this hairstyle is that the direction runs from the edge of the hairline to the crown. But for this type of hairstyle you will need long hair. 4) Front hairstyles. All hair in these hairstyles will be directed forward. But remember that for these hairstyles, you need the hair on the bottom of your head to be lengthened.

As you know, hairstyle is one of the main components of your image. And if you suddenly decided to change something in yourself, then choosing a different hairstyle is exactly what you need. Correctly, successfully and competently selected hairstyle in most cases will cheer you up, rejuvenate and give you new charm in the eyes of your colleagues and the people around you.

Also remember that the type and shape of your face is an important factor when choosing a hairstyle. For women who have a round face shape, we recommend hairstyles that will frame the face with soft strands. The optimal length for such hair is 20 - 25 centimeters. For the selection of a hairstyle, you should not allow low side parting and hair combed smoothly on the sides, flat hairstyles are also not recommended.

For women who have an elongated face shape, short haircuts that have bangs or medium length haircuts with a small volume at the cheekbones are best suited. The best solution would be a hairstyle with asymmetrical lines. For a triangular face, you need to choose hairstyles with curled strands and bangs. The ideal length will be hair to the middle of the cheeks, or to the chin. Short haircuts are highly undesirable.

For a square type face, it is better to choose a hairstyle with lush curls, which will be exactly laid on the sides in waves. In this case, the hair on the forehead can either be combed back, or part with a side parting. Hair is recommended below your chin. It is also not recommended to open your ears, do a straight parting and comb your hair back smoothly.